Affirmations For Relationships And Friendships

I am worthy of loving relationships.
I am drawing unto me loving relationships.
Loving relationships come easily to me.
I attract wonderful positive people into my world.
I deserve lots of friends.
I release my friends to lead their own lives.
I bless and heal all relationships in my life.
Friendships come easily to me.
My friends are legion.
Getting out to meet people is easy for me.
I enjoy the company of whomever I’m with.
I form nurturing relationships.
I’m honored to have so many friends in my life.
I deserve to make friends with positive people.
I deserve to find my soul-mate.
I deserve to find the perfect mate for me.
I deserve the love of a good man.
I deserve the love of a good woman.
I choose to be accepted by my peers.
Everyone in my world loves and supports me.
I’m so in love right now with my TRUE Self.
I am romantically fulfilled.
It’s okay to have my friendships change.
I communicate effectively with everyone.
My relationships touch my heart in a loving way.
All strangers I meet quickly become my friends.
I’ve earned the respect of all my friends and family.
I expect great relationships; therefore that’s what I receive.
My date book is filled with wonderful and exciting events.
People find me intellectually stimulating.
Loving people easily find me.
I cherish my family while they’re still living.
I have wonderful supportive friends..
I have very trustworthy friends.
I always have friends I can count on.
My friends can always count on me.
I get married at exactly the right time of my life.
Whomever I choose for my friends is my business.
Whenever I speak of others I speak well of them.
I take charge and make correct dating choices.
I enjoy having silver and golden wedding anniversaries.
I’m always there when my friends need me.
My friends are always there when I need them.
My marital status is exactly as it should be at this time.
I visualize meeting the perfect mate for me today.
I keep my personal power when in all relationships.
I trust my mate completely.
I have a wonderful relationship with my sisters.
I have a wonderful relationship with my brothers.
Whatever happens my family stays close.
My family and friends are a delight to me.
I deserve to find my significant other.
I deserve a loving supportive partner.
I collect priceless friendships regularly.
I converse well with all kinds of people.
I have complete faith in my friends.
I release myself from worrying about my friends’ actions.
My friends are always generous to me.
I trust that my friends always speak the truth.
I do favors for people and people do favors for me.
I nourish my relationships with love and caring.
I’m content with the state of my romantic life.
I remain loyal to my family and friends.
I deserve romantic nights filled with candles and roses.
I deserve to find the love of my life now.
I’m grateful for my uniquely wonderful family.
I have enough time in my busy schedule for a social life.
I talk openly with my mate about my wants and needs.
My friends include me in their plans.
I’m comfortable doing things by myself.
I’m comfortable doing things in a group.
It’s okay to do the dance of life with many partners.
Relationship issues become easier for me to handle.
I choose which people I bring into my consciousness.
I’m becoming more romantic every day.
I now find the mate I’ve been waiting for.
I now feel I deserve a loving and supportive mate.
I now find a mentally stable mate to love.
It’s okay to go on a blind date if I choose.
When on a date I always have a good time.
I deserve a mate who’s faithful to me.
I sense the presence of friendly people all the time.
I’m entitled to a social life.
I find and meet the person I’m a romantic match for.
I’m happy with all of my current relationships.
Joy-filled relationships come easily to me now.
I’m free from being lonely with so many people close by.
I always meet the most interesting people.
I now choose to fall in love again.
My mate and I have a deep mutual understanding.
I treat my friends and enemies with equal love.
I have a man in my life who loves me and my children.
I have a woman in my life who loves me and my children.
My marital status is changing to my liking.
It’s easy for me to mingle with people at parties.
True love is available to me now and always.
My spouse loves me as much as I love my spouse.
It’s possible for me to love happily ever after.
It’s okay to love more than one person at a time.
When choosing heartache or joy I’m still a good person.
I have high quality friendships.
Talking to strangers is becoming easier for me.
It’s okay to have a mate who is my complete opposite.
It’s okay to have a mate who is very much like me.
It’s okay to be choosy concerning the people I date.
I’m now able to take long walks with someone special.
I love all my friends even those who disagree with me.
It’s easy for me to make new friends when I move.
To the opposite sex I’m very desirable.
I choose to be involved with good-hearted people.
I choose to remain neutral when my friends fight.
I choose my relationships on more than just looks now.
I find it easier now to ask people out on dates.
I’m honored to have the friends I have in my life.
It’s okay to say goodbye to relationships when it’s time.
I choose to improve the relationship I have with myself.
I feel unchanging unconditional love toward my spouse.
I’ve decided to help make my marriage work.
I’m very good at being happily married.
The people that I’m with make all experiences delightful.
I’m okay with diligently working on a relationship.
I have now found someone who loves me for who I am.
I’m ready to find my companion today.
I now enjoy peaceful relationships.
I form relationships quickly as I’m more myself now.
Letting old relationships fall away is a natural part of life.
I release myself from the guilt of ending a relationship.
Making the choice to end a relationship is all right.
I have healthy relationships in all areas of my life now.
I have a positive-minded mate.
I have a mate who shares my interests and passions.
My friends are exactly who I need in my life.
When friendships end I send them peace.
I decide how to view the ending of a relationship.
I choose to be romantic today.
My friends are my sunshine on rainy days.
My love life continues to get better and better.
I notice applaud and honor the friends in my life.
Through relationships I learn to know myself better.
Time spent in the company of my friends is precious.
I respect my partner’s views.
My friends are free to be themselves around me.
I concentrate on my friends’ good qualities.
It’s okay to be choosy when picking a mate.

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