Affirmations For Retirement

I’m now free to enjoy my retirement.
I am now free to enjoy retirement.
I deserve to spend these years taking it easy.
I happily retire earlier than I had planned.
I can easily afford being retired.
My lifestyle is very luxurious even through retirement.
It’s becoming easier for me to relax and enjoy retirement.
My passion for life continues through my retirement.
Spending time with family and friends is invigorating.
I’m glad to be able to spend more time with my hobbies.
I discover new areas of interest now that I’m retired.
Having time to do whatever I want is very freeing.
Time away from work brings me joy and freedom.
I have new adventures ahead of me.
Being retired is only part of who I am.
I now make friendships with other retired persons.
I enjoy having time to pursue whatever I please.
I remain financially stable throughout my retirement years.
I can now sleep late and I deserve it.
My health remains excellent all through retirement.
I have excellent health insurance that I can easily afford.
My need for medication is diminishing.
I experience exciting new challenges in my retirement.
In my retirement I’m taking time to help others.

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