Affirmations For Senior Citizens And Middle Age

I bless all the years that I’ve lived.
I deserve to live my life pain-free.
I deserve to feel young.
I deserve to act young even when others don’t.
It’s okay to be healthy when others around me are ill.
I enjoy being elderly at this time in my life.
I am having the best years of my life.
It’s okay to live my senior years medication-free.
It’s okay to be proud of living so long.
I have contributed much to my world.
Every day I live I contribute to the world.
I choose to live the remainder of this life in total comfort.
I choose to live the remainder of this life in total happiness.
I feel a renewed energy every day.
All my organs are as strong and healthy as ever.
My mental capacities grow stronger every day.
I draw people unto me who need me and my skills.
There is plenty of room on the planet for me to exist.
I am worthy of being a part of this planet.
There is plenty of time for all I still choose to do.
I’m proud to be a senior citizen.
I deserve to live for a very long time.
I contribute to the world at any age.
I feel younger now than I did in my s insert number.
As the years go on I find continued joy and purpose.
My spine stays strong and supple.
I retain my faculties even unto old age.
My hair remains a vibrant color free from gray.
I retain excellent driving skills even unto older ages.
I love my gray hair; it makes me look distinguished.
I think I’m young so I am.
My young friends help keep me younger.
As I’m aging I’m gaining wisdom.
I’m keeping fit to better enjoy my golden years.
When I hear my grandchildren sing my heart smiles.
Listening to my children laugh makes my heart sing.
I keep my mind and body active to remain young.
Life is more precious to me as the years go by.
Age is only a number to me.
I choose to feel act and look young.
I’ve lived many years and am enjoying my memories.
When I stay fit physically and mentally I stay young.
My children and grandchildren bring sunshine to my life.
It’s okay to continue to grow wiser as I mature.
Others may think I’m old yet I’m out-walking them.
Learning new things keeps me young.
New mental challenges keep my mind young.
I am thankful for the ability to learn new things.
It’s a pleasure to be a role model to my grandchildren.
I am keeping my mind fertile by exercising it.
My gray hair is beautiful and I love it.

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