Affirmations For Serious Illness

I am free of AIDS.
I’m free from feeling anybody deserves to get an illness.
My body is free from what people call AIDS or HIV.
My body performs in a healthy manner % of the time.
My body is now free from what is called heart disease.
I am free from ever having the condition of a stroke.
I choose to remain free from all life-threatening illnesses.
I believe my illness and all illnesses will be healed.
I allow myself to be healed today.
I breathe love into my illness and watch it disappear.
There’s always time to start and complete my destiny.
It’s okay to believe that this illness is part of my destiny.
I believe curing this illness is part of my destiny.
I release the disease now.
I choose to release this disease to the Universe.
I still have time to be cured and I am.
I’m free from believing that doctors know more than I.
I believe in positive outcomes even if I’m the only one.
I send love to doctors who’ve given me a death sentence.
I send love to doctors who believe I’m being optimistic.
I send love and energy to the doctors who laugh at me.
I use holistic healing practices now with great results.
The power of prayer is more powerful than doctors.
My body is free from any effects of Leukemia.
My lungs remain clear of anything called Emphysema.
My blood has all the cells it needs to fight off disease.
I choose to send my healing body love today.
Healing is my choice I accept it now.
I accept the healing light from the Universe today.
I ask for and accept healing from my Divine Source.
Today I am healed in the blink of an eye.
Today I find myself in perfect health completely healed.
I laugh with joy as I watch my body being healed.
Since we all need healing I send out healing love today.
I am healed of the desire to remain ill.
Being healed is my right and I accept it now.
All miracles are equal; I accept the miracle of.
Today I visualize the healing taking place in my body.
I visualize my cancer cells breaking up and disappearing.
I always believe everything is curable.
I am free of Cancer.
I am healthier every day.
With every breath I become stronger and healthier.
I am victorious over all diseases.
I choose to be healthy.
My body is free from what people call Cancer.
I choose to be disease-free.
I deserve to be healthy.
I deserve to feel wonderful every day.
I am worthy of being healthy and happy.
There is room for me on this planet.
I live to a very old age full of good health and joy.
I’ve released any fear surrounding the AIDS virus.

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