Affirmations For Sexual Challenges

I am easily able to handle my sexuality.
It’s okay to have sexual feelings.
I forgive myself for being sexually active.
I forgive those want me to think sex is wrong.
I am able to choose my sexual partners responsibly.
My sexuality is a part of me.
My urges are natural.
Every day I love myself more.
It’s okay to be homosexual.
It’s okay to be heterosexual.
Being homosexual is part of what makes me unique.
Being heterosexual is part of what makes me unique.
It’s okay if my parents don’t agree with my sexual choices.
I’m a great person who happens to be sexually active.
I am free from negative comments about my sexuality.
My love life brings me much happiness.
I draw positive caring relationships into my life.
Being bi-sexual is only a part of the whole of who I am.
I meet people who are open to my ideas of sexuality.
I love myself no matter what.
It’s alright to ignore the comments of others.
I forgive everyone who tries to torment me.
When negative feelings arise I breathe into them.
I deserve to live my life to the fullest.
I am free of stereotypical comments and attitudes.
I am worthy of retaining my perfect health.
I draw honest open people into my world.
I am completely confident in my skills as a lover.
I always remember to practice safe sex.
I am sexually responsible.
I always use my chosen birth control method.
I’m easily sexually satisfied.
I keep my sexual desires under control.
I deserve to have great sex.
Touching others helps me to connect with them today.
My decision to remain a virgin at this time is right for me.
It’s okay to be a virgin at any age.
I’m a very good kisser.
I protect myself from sexually transmitted diseases.
I’ve decided to plan when to become a parent.
I choose to relinquish any sexual addictions I may have.
Monogamy is a great turn-on.
It’s okay to choose abstinence as a birth control method.
I choose to remain careful regarding birth control.
I have chosen to relinquish the selling of my body.
It’s okay that I’ve accepted money for sex in this lifetime.
I release all feelings of guilt surrounding sex.
The desire to be a prostitute is now gone from my mind.
I’m now free from the desire to sell my body for money.

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