Affirmations For Sleep Challenges

Positive thoughts penetrate my thinking while I sleep.
My sleep is always restful.
Getting to sleep quickly is easy for me.
When I get little sleep I still perform in top form.
Tonight I lay all worries aside before going to sleep.
Nightmares are a part of my past and I release them now.
Should a bad dream begin I easily release it.
I program my mind to accept positive dreams.
I have the power to release any negative dreams.
I’m determined to dream only happy positive dreams.
I learn valuable insights from my dreams.
I always remember my dreams.
My dreams reveal important past and future events to me.
Dreaming is always pleasant for me.
I’m able to fall asleep quickly and peacefully.
I sleep soundly and peacefully.
I’m able to stop all worrying before going to sleep.
Any and all sleep disorders I now release from me.
I always sleep the exact number of hours my body needs.
I always have plenty of time to get a good night’s sleep.
My bed is always comfortable.
I release myself of the affliction of night sweats.
I’m able to wake up with my bed still dry.
I now sleep all the way through the night peacefully.
I’m now free of any bladder-control problems.
I remember to say my affirmations before bedtime.
My nighttime routine helps enable me to drift off to sleep.
I release last night’s bad dreams and any fears to God.
Even on little sleep my motor skills remain excellent.
I choose now to dream only happy joyful dreams.
In the light of day all nightmares disappear.
I choose to have an easy time falling asleep tonight.
Sleep disorders are a thing of the past for me.
I visualize positive images before retiring tonight.
It’s okay to completely relax every night.
It’s okay to get a good night sleep every night.
I deserve to feel well-rested.

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