Affirmations For Spiritual Matters

Tonight I choose to cuddle up with a good prayer.
My search for God is ultimately successful.
I let go of unwillingness to receive what is of God.
I choose to hear what God wants me to hear today.
I thank you Holy Spirit for the divine in all of us.
I empty my hands to allow for God’s next move.
I accept the life roles God has given me.
I steadfastly adhere to my spiritual beliefs.
I’m now open-minded about my spiritual beliefs.
I allow God to light my path with really bright bulbs.
Living by God’s grace is living a marvelous existence.
My power is in my willingness to release control to God.
The healing light of God surrounds me.
My heart is overflowing with thankfulness to God.
God is at work in my life today.
I thank God for the sunshine today.
I thank God for the rain today.
I give all worry thoughts over to God.
I am calmly enjoying God’s presence.
I accept the gifts God extends unto me.
I deserve to fulfill God’s plan for me.
I deserve salvation.
Whenever I need help God provides assistance.
God works through me and my happiness.
God wants me to be happy at all times.
I love God and God loves me.
God wants me to succeed and prosper.
God supports me in all I say and do.
I am an heir to spiritual royalty.
I accept my inheritance from my father the King.
I accept my inheritance from my mother the Goddess.
God carries me over every hurdle.
I easily communicate with angelic beings.
I’m worthy of communicating with my spirit guides.
I deserve to know God’s plan for me.
I have great fun performing miracles with God.
I allow my Creator to lead me.
I stand aside and let Divine Intervention lead me.
God has my best interests at heart.
Any friend of God’s is a friend of mine.
Holy Spirit is always with me.
My purpose is revealed to me moment by moment.
I accept my inheritance from my Creator.
I am willing to accept my gifts from my Creator.
Holy Spirit I release this day unto you.
Holy Spirit make my mind pure and loving.
I let my actions reflect the love that is my essence.
Holy Spirit I open my mind and my heart to you.
I give all my worries over to God.
I give all my fears to Holy Spirit to handle from now on.
Delegating my fears to Holy Spirit frees me.
I thank God that I’m able to breathe deeply.
My limitlessness is a gift from God.
The healing light of God surrounds me.
I release all my hopes and fears to Divine Guidance.
I exist because I am important to God.
God reveals mysteries to me every day.
Answers to my questions are given me from my Creator.
I give my depression over to a higher power.
God is my friend.
Holy Spirit always has time for me.
The phrase Spiritual Life is redundant.
My spiritual life provides strength and comfort.
My spiritual life is important to me and I’m unashamed.
My faith carries me through all things.
I am open to suggestions from God.
My worth is determined by God.
Holy Spirit please tell me what to say.
Holy Spirit please tell me when to speak and to whom.
I come across to others the way God intended.
I deserve to do God’s work.
I’m an integral part of God’s plan.
It feels great to be loved by God.
God wants me to prosper and I do.
I am God’s wondrous creation.
I rejoice in what God has given me.
I know what God wants for me.
I know what God wants me to do and I’m doing it.
I am illuminated in God’s light.
What God reveals to me today is magnificent.
I’m entitled to my inheritance.
I choose to know the will of God for me.
I start a new phase in my spiritual development today.
My hunches and gut feelings are God speaking to me.
My intuition is a gift from God.
God helps me to set the perfect schedule for my days.
I thank God for my increasing self-confidence.
Prayer is always the answer.
Praying lightens my soul.
Arguing is an activity I’ve given over to God.
Time spent in prayer is time well spent.
Holy Spirit I accept your influence in my life.
Receiving guidance from my Creator is natural.
I love the life God has given me.
Total cooperation is what I give God today.
I pray that I hold my temper at bay today.
Today I choose to speak with reverence to my Creator.
Today I choose to speak with joy to my Creator.
My chosen religion brings me great comfort.
God gets us through all dark days.
We all have eternal life.
Since ultimately my boss is God I’ve got a great boss.
Holy Spirit I accept all the good you offer me now.
God please show me what to learn in this situation.
I stay positive around those who are not.
Since I am part of God and God is love I am love.
No matter what I remain an innocent child of God.
I allow my beliefs and I allow the beliefs of others.
I’m free from having to believe as someone else does.
I am free to believe what I choose.
I remain calm and centered when expressing my beliefs.
My beliefs are as TRUE for me as yours are for you.
My beliefs are as right as any other notion.
My beliefs are perfect for me.
I believe that my beliefs are good.
No matter what I know I have my faith.
My faith gets me through everything.
God designed me perfectly to fulfill my mission on Earth.
I think God is cool and God thinks I’m cool too.
I accept help from my angels.
I am free from being afraid of angelic beings.
I feel the love that comes from the angels around me.
I thank God for the energy I’ve been given today.
I thank God for all inspirational thoughts.
Spirituality has a positive influence over my life.
In every situation my faith stays strong.
In all things my faith holds firm.
I let God make adjustments in my life.
I release all negative situations to you Holy Spirit.
When I’m tempted to react with anger I ask God’s help.
I surrender to God’s guidance and compassion.
I’ve decided to do things God’s way.
I remember to read spiritual lessons each day.
God leads me to the reading materials that help me.
I give any murderous thoughts over to God.
Every day God gives me proof of my worth.
Time spent in communication with God is time well spent.
I allow the heavy feeling in my stomach to disappear.
I thank God for my increased energy flow.
I thank God for all things now and in the future.
I prepare myself for God’s guidance.
I’m willing to do whatever God wills.
God and I have great plans for my future.
I now sense the presence of angels around me.
Following God’s will is a habit for me now.
Consulting with God on daily issues comes easily.
I pray that I retain the lessons I learn today.
God gives many visual aides to help me through life.
I thank God for my peace of mind today.
I draw strength from God today.
I give all weakness thoughts over to God now.
I am powerful in God’s love.
I believe my prayers are answered now and always.
I pray for clarity of mind to understand God’s messages.
I thank God for every idea that becomes manifest.
I ask God for help with my anger and disappointment.
God wills the very best for me.
Tough choices become easier with God’s guidance.
God’s energy heals all things.
It’s normal and natural to believe in miracles.
I’ve decided to forgive and forget any past indiscretions.
All my prayers are answered today.
Today I take a hint; God really wants me to be happy.
I depend upon my angels for guidance and that’s okay.
I’m thankful for all God has given me to do.
I thank God for the dedication I feel toward my work.
I now let God sort out all the details of my life.
Holy Spirit reveals to me my purpose now.
I’m patient with the speed of my spiritual growth.
I have complete religious freedom.
I now accept God’s influence in my life.
I offer my stillness to God today.
I choose to be led to the mind of God.
I choose to be led by the mind of God.
God holds my hand when I ask.
God has given me everything and freedom to choose it.
I place my day in the hands of God.
Today I realize the TRUE love of God.
I now give to my Creator any mistakes I’ve made.
My faith increases several degrees each day.
God I now choose to breathe in your wisdom.
I extend the love of God today.
I see God in everything.
There is a sacredness inside of me.
Today I discover my God-given functions.
I as a child of God possess a certain dignity and grace.
I now relax and let God take the wheel.
When my mind is quiet I can better hear God’s voice.
God is gently pushing me forward toward my destiny.
I am your willing vessel God fill me up and use me.
I have enough energy to do all that I choose in this life.
I am grateful for God’s help in completing my mission.
I am confident and God loves it.
I deserve the blessings I receive.
I thank you God for the spiritual high you’ve given me.
I decide to receive instructions from God every day.
God is a great travel agent.
I choose to leave all travel planning up to God.
I choose today to read God’s instructions loud and clear.
I let the final decision rest with God.
I choose to be chosen by God for great things.
I love the work God has given me to do.
Heaven feels closer every day.
I now let God clear up my misperceptions.
I’m thrilled to be filled with the Holy Spirit.
I choose to consult with God often today.
Every time I talk to God I know I’m being heard.
It’s possible to be spiritual and still make good money.
God’s vitality is alive within me and my job on Earth.
I accept God’s promises today.
I give only God authority over my thoughts and ideas.
My sisters and brothers are extensions of God.
Praying has become a healthy habit for me now.
I am part of God’s light and I contribute to the shine.
I am here to do the job in which God intended.
Every time I thank my Creator I feel even more blessed.
Turning my life over to God is a freeing experience.
I accept the protection God freely gives.
I choose God’s love to light my way today.
Today I accept what I feel a child of God deserves.
My faults I give over to God.
I’m becoming more of what God intended me to be.
God is a part of everything I do.
I thank God for the joy I’m feeling in this moment.
Gratitude to our Creator is always appropriate.
I’m relieved that God has a big eraser for my mistakes.
I hand over all guilt and remorse to God.
I grasp the hand of God today to seal our partnership.
I choose to rejoice with God and the Universe today.
I give to God any notion that I’ve failed today.
There’s a fire in my soul that I blaze brightly to the world.
I let God lovingly stroke away my headache today.
I release all levels of confusion to my Creator now.
I’m now enjoying life as God intended.
God washes the old negative thoughts from my mind.
I thank God for the changes in my life.
I thank God for the lack of changes in my soul.
I give my shakiness over to God.
I give over to God my feelings that I can’t handle life.
I have all the strength I need for any task.
My life is important to God.
My faith grows in struggles when my faith remains firm.
I’m lingering in God’s presence watching the sun rise.
God gave me talents and I’m using them daily.
Praying stimulates doing.
God is leading me through valleys to mountaintops.
The more I pray the closer my relationship with God.
My day begins and ends with God.
My existence is a gift from God.
The fact that I exist is a miracle.
Today I’m receiving sustenance from God.
My trials energize my faith.
God’s strength sustains me when I begin to feel weak.
God placed me here for a special purpose.
My heart is overflowing with thankfulness to God.
God is at work in my life today.
I finish all projects God assigns for me today.
Holy Spirit please allow me to remain calm now.
I choose to have fun with my spiritual training today.
Today I experience God’s humor like a warm hug.
Today I choose to take many leaps of faith.
I give myself permission to co-create with God.
When in doubt I immediately turn to God.
I breathe deeply the clear vision from God.
I empty my mind so God may fill it with information.
Anything is possible with God.
Praying with faith… it’s a safe bet.
My ultimate assignment from God is to be myself.
Today I surrender my plans to God.
I gladly and willingly accept your advice now God.
I give the hand of God a high-five today.
I thank you God for this feeling of contentment.
I choose now to accept God’s promises.
Today I bring my feelings of anger to God.
When I put things into perspective I choose to pray.
Today I choose to pray for all the people I don’t like.
I choose to notice God’s special delight with me.
I’m astounded of the talents God has given me.
God’s tasks come with instructions; I listen today.
Today I allow God’s love to melt my frozen feelings.
I give sickness of my soul over to God to heal today.
I trust God today to send my love where it’s needed.
One of my greatest abilities is to follow God’s advice.
I accept your golden healing light now God.
Healing penetrates my being.
The will of God takes over my consciousness today.
I choose to see what God has given me.
I choose to see more of God’s beauty without fear.
I have faith that prayers are heard and answered.
My abilities are strengthened because of my faith.
My quiet time with God is sustaining me.
I am accepting God’s changes in my life.
God’s guidance in my life is crucial to me.

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