Affirmations For Stress

Exercise provides healthy release of stress for me.
The pressures in my life diminish daily.
I breathe deeply to clear away stress.
When in a stressful situation I choose to be peaceful.
I choose a stress-free life.
I release my tension with each breath.
I remember to relax in stressful situations.
I remember to do deep breathing in stressful times.
I’m free from feeling the need to have stress in my life.
Stress and I are now parting company.
Stress is only a perception.
I’m finally free from all effects of stress.
The desire to feel stress is now gone from my being.
I deserve to remain free of stress forever.
I release all stress thoughts to my Creator today.
I relinquish the habit of caving in to stress today.
Stress feels uncomfortable my body chooses peace.
I’m finally able to say goodbye to stress forever.
Pressures in my life diminish daily.
I release my body from the need to react to stress.
I can easily handle pressure.
I remember to stretch often to release stress.
Doing affirmations is now a positive habit.
I release any stress I hold in my neck and shoulders.
I now release my body from any symptoms of stress.
I’m committed to stress-free living.
Taking deep breaths comes naturally to me now.
I mentally relax the tension out of my shoulders.
My head rests comfortably on my shoulders.
I feel hands of light massaging stress out of my neck.

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