Affirmations For Truth And Honesty

Affirmations For Truth And Honesty

I am a trustworthy person.
I attract honest and kind personalities unto me.
Everyone I deal with is honest and caring.
I tell the truth at all times.
Telling lies is part of my past and I release it now.
I remember to always tell the truth.
It’s easier to tell the truth the first time around.
Speaking my truth is easy for me.
Expressing my truth comes easier to me each day.
I find honest qualified mechanics when necessary.
I find honest people in all walks of life.
Honest loving people are drawn to me and me to them.
Good things happen when I speak my truth.
I’m honest with people about my feelings.
I’m very honest and I remain that way forever.
I am lovingly honest and genuine.
I choose to tell the truth now.
Every day I’m becoming more honest.
I’m proud to be thought of as an honest person.
I have a habit of being completely honest.

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