Affirmations For Vacation

Affirmations For Vacation

When I go on vacation I always have a great time.
I easily afford any vacation I want to take.
I am comfortable in luxurious surroundings.
I can easily afford to travel for pleasure.
When I travel I always pack just what I need.
I keep my good humor at all times when traveling.
Airlines always treat my luggage with care.
I congratulate myself for taking a vacation this year.
My vacations are more luxurious every year.
This is the year I afford my dream vacation.
I remain safe and physically fit my entire vacation.
My family and I always agree on vacation choices.
This year I find it easier to read and understand maps.
Our lodging is perfect for our needs and budget.
I like planning and executing my vacation this year.
Vacations with my family are calm relaxed and fun.
My budget allows me to take many enjoyable vacations.
I deserve a vacation and I’m planning it now.
I deserve to take time off from work so I do.
After vacation I return to work calm and more focused.
My vacation plans go smoothly with great memories.

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