Affirmations For Weight Challenges

I feel very thin and light-hearted today and always.
I choose to be thin and fit.
I am continuously and safely melting fat from my body.
I love weighing [insert desired number].
I love being a size [insert desired number].
I deserve to weigh [insert desired number].
My weight is quickly returning to its ideal numbers.
My figure continues to look as I want it to.
I have the proper attitude towards exercise.
I have a healthy relationship with food.
Today and for the rest of my life I’m fit.
I choose to act like a healthy fit person.
I release excess weight quickly and easily.
I choose foods consciously.
I consciously choose what I put into my mouth.
Eating healthy is natural for me.
The numbers on my scales are dropping rapidly.
I remain motivated to lose fat.
I choose to visualize myself thin and fit today.
I love myself now and as I lose weight.
I deserve to enjoy eating healthfully.
I treat myself well while dieting.
My appetite easily stays under control.
My muscles respond well to weight training.
I have decided to be thin.
Every pound I lose is cause for celebration.
I release any feelings of being fat or unfit.
Nutritious foods are what I prefer.
My weight is perfect for my body.
Feeling fit is fabulous.
Every day I love my body more and more.
I release excess weight from all parts of my body.
My body readily accepts healthy food and drink.
As my muscles increase my fat cells deplete.
Today I can feel my fat melting away.
It’s okay to have a weight plateau.
Each weight plateau I reach I remain positive.
With each pound I lose I rejoice.
I thank God for my weight loss success.
It’s okay when people compliment my new figure.
I enjoy looking at myself in the mirror.
Each day my figure is shrinking.
My body retains perfect proportions while losing weight.
My mind and body communicate better every day.
It’s okay to lose weight quickly.
I’m dedicated to my personal path of fitness.
Today is my chance to be healthy.
I like shopping for food that’s good for me.
I easily release my desire for unhealthy foods.
I trust the signals my body gives me.
I feel hunger only when my body needs food.
My appetite is decreasing daily.
It’s very possible for me to look as I want.
I’m motivated to get fit and healthy now.
I’m in control of what I eat.
What I put in my mouth is up to me.
Low-fat foods taste better to me every day.
All my organs thank me for my new healthy lifestyle.
I continuously find physical activities I enjoy.
I deserve to take the time to exercise regularly.
I can feel my muscles getting stronger.
I see more definition in my body daily.
I perform isolation exercises frequently today.
I take the time to do my yoga today.
It’s easy for me to find healthy snacks that I love.
It’s easier to lose weight now that I have positive energy.
My body enjoys losing weight and does it very well.
My body is firmer now and always.
Today I choose to eat as a vegetarian.
My body is enjoying the vegetarian lifestyle.
God shows me what foods are best to fuel my body.
I put food in proper perspective today.
Eating meat is part of my past and I release it now.
I prefer to eat vegetables and fruits.
Eating candy and chocolate is part of my past.
Steamed and raw vegetables are appealing to me.
As I lose weight I keep it off.
It’s okay to be happy and fat.
It’s okay to be happy and thin.
I close my eyes relax and see me at goal weight.
Today I eat only low-fat foods.
I’m free from any desire to eat red meat.
I’m now curbing the desire for snacking.
I take good care of myself whatever I weigh.
My stomach and abdomen continue to shrink daily.
My hips and thighs become smaller each day.
I feel myself becoming lighter each day.
I deserve to lose weight safely and rapidly and I do.
I love all the sizes my body can be.
It’s exciting to watch my body regaining its thinner shape.
I quickly attain my body’s perfect weight.
I always stick to eating a healthy diet.
Eating’s enjoyable even while cutting fat and calories.
My metabolism cooperates with my desire to lose weight.
It’s okay to be a fat person.
It’s okay to be a fat person who’s becoming thin.
Dressing myself is becoming more and more fun.
I choose to lose a pound or two a week.
I help myself lose weight now by using affirmations.
I feel very thin today and always.
Today I visualize my body at its optimal weight.
It’s easy to add fresh fruit and vegetables to my diet.
I look great in jeans and in everything else.
I look great naked.
My body is cooperating nicely by quickly losing weight.
It’s okay to remain happy and content with myself.
I’m now free from the desire to snack.
I let go of any attachments I have to extra body weight.

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