Affirmations For Women

I am a Goddess.
I am a Princess.
I am a Queen.
My complexion remains clear and radiant.
I look great in little or no make-up.
I’m looking younger every day.
My female organs function perfectly at all times.
I am free of yeast infections.
I am free of bladder infections.
It’s okay for me to possess beauty and brains.
It’s okay to be a feminist.
I am free from breast problems.
I can have manicures and pedicures regularly.
My hormone level is always perfect.
I am the most beautiful woman in the Universe.
A lunch date with my husband is special to me.
I enjoy my femininity.
I enjoy being a woman.
I join together with all women for a common good.
I respect my fellow women.
Being a woman makes me happy.
It’s okay to be a powerful woman.
I combine femininity and intelligence beautifully.
I’m proud of being a woman.
Females are fabulous.
I’m a woman who knows what she wants.
I accept all positive male and female energy.
I accept the essence of my femininity.
Women of all shapes and sizes are beautiful.
There are plenty of good decent men in this world.
I’m ready now to date men who treat me well.
I’m now attracted to nice men.
I easily leave behind men who have abused me.
I’m now forever free from menstrual cramps.
I’m now forever free from what is called PMS.
I’m an alive caring passionate woman.
I’m a very lucky woman.
I always remember to take my birth control pill.
I now have a wonderful man in my life.
I’m a remarkable woman.
I’m a woman of my word.
It’s an exciting time in history to be a strong woman.
It’s natural to have women in positions of power.
Starting my own business serves humanity well.
It’s okay to bring femininity to the workplace it needs it.
I’m a very brave strong woman.
It’s okay to have a baby out of wedlock.
I’m able to comfortably breast feed my baby.
It’s okay to give my baby up for adoption.
I feel honored to birth someone else’s child.
It’s okay to be in love like a school girl.
I’m free from feeling I have to act like a big girl.
I am free from female-bashing now and always.
I am free from male-bashing now and always.
I’m grateful to experience life as a woman.
I challenge limitations that society has put on women.
I support women who choose traditionally male roles.
I lay insecurities aside as I plan new projects and goals.
I am proud to be a woman and a girl intertwined.
I am equally considerate to men and women.
Being a woman I am very strong.
I choose to be free forever from breast cancer.
I am free forever from uterine and cervical cancer.
I’m smart and pretty too.
My husband is a remarkable man.
My boyfriend is a remarkable man.
My girlfriend is a remarkable woman.
I have an equally high opinion of women and men.
I continue using positive affirmations for the rest of my life.

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