Miscellaneous Affirmations

My heart and feelings belong to me.
I am worthy.
I deserve total freedom.
I attract all good things unto me.
I deserve to fulfill my destiny.
I am fit and healthy.
I perform very well on 6 hours of sleep a night.
I deserve to be free from guilt.
I deserve to be free from shame.
I deserve to be free from fear.
I deserve to BE.
I deserve to discover who I am and why I’m here.
I am worthy of all that is good and pure.
I deserve the best of everything.
I deserve all the good that comes to me.
Giggling is good for me.
I am capable of doing all that I choose in this life.
I am important.
I am fulfilling my life’s work.
It’s okay to pamper myself.
I have faith in myself.
I have faith in my abilities.
I am a calm and stable influence to those around me.
I discover more of my abilities every day.
I am confident and try new things regularly.
I am brave and calmly stand up for myself.
I enjoy speaking my truth.
I have power over my thoughts.
It’s okay when people disagree I love them anyway.
I like myself even when others act as if they don’t.
I make conscious choices.
I am compassionate.
As I prosper everyone around me prospers.
It’s okay to prosper.
I am confident in all I do.
I am able to handle all that comes my way.
My life is proceeding just right for my highest good.
I am welcoming prosperity into all areas of my life.
Things are now looking up.
I deserve a peaceful life now and forever.
I have a high opinion of myself.
I choose to be a positive example in all I say and do.
I am thankful for being alive.
I get out of my own way.
I enjoy all aspects of my life.
I choose my destiny.
I am a part of something wonderful.
I am free of negative influences.
Positive people are drawn unto me.
Fantasy is reality that hasn’t happened yet.
My feelings toward myself improve daily.
I feel absolutely marvelous.
It’s alright to have a wonderful day when others don’t.
My life always has wonder and fulfillment.
I always make the most of what I’m given.
My good opinion of myself remains constant.
I retain a healthy attitude through all adversity.
I need answer only to myself.
I deserve to be who I am.
I deserve to be powerful.
It’s okay to be proud of who I am.
It’s okay to be proud of what I’ve accomplished.
I hold my own opinion even if it differs from others.
I feel completely calm.
I see the big picture of my life.
I am rich in all things and in every area of my life.
I give thanks for my existence.
I am in charge of what I think.
I like being who I am.
I remain healthy physically mentally and emotionally.
Life is filled with fun and excitement.
Tears are a part of me and it’s okay to shed them.
I’m as good and important as anyone else.
My desires are good and part of what makes me who I am.
All that I do is for good.
I laugh easily and often.
It’s okay to be fine.
It’s okay to be fantastic.
It’s okay to make outrageous plans for my future.
Taking time for me is acceptable to me.
I understand more about myself every day.
My needs are easily met.
Every day I discover new things that interest me.
Every day I cultivate new interests.
Luxurious living is something I deserve.
My thoughts are my friends.
I live every moment to its fullest.
Time waits for me.
Time is my friend.
Living is a joyous experience.
I consciously remain focused.
I experiment with new and different activities.
All of my questions are answered in their own time.
Wonderful events take place in my life daily.
I now believe everything will turn out alright.
Willingness to accept my freedom is now mine.
I am now judgment-free.
I own all of my emotions.
I’m learning to accept all of who I am.
My emotions are all good.
Freedom is a concept I’m now willing to accept for myself.
My mental capacities increase daily.
Breathing deeply is something I remember to do often.
I attain all the fame and recognition I wish.
I feel fabulous now in this moment.
I am entitled to have my own opinion at all times.
I treat others as I wish to be treated.
I congratulate myself daily for my accomplishments.
It’s okay to have the spotlight directed at me.
My accomplishments deserve to be noticed.
Recognition of my good deeds comes easily.
I set my own pace.
My life is a string of wonderful events.
I’m smart enough for all I choose to do.
People are captivated by my personality and charm.
I’m impressive to myself.
I can make a name for myself if I choose.
I have a healthy lifestyle.
I hold a positive mental outlook.
Tenderness is one of my attributes.
I choose to ignore insults or putdowns.
I am calm when put in the limelight.
It’s easy for me to say hello to everyone I see.
Smiling at others helps me as well as them.
I’m a good sport.
I’m having a wonderful time.
My life is worry-free.
I have a great sense of humor.
Sometimes I feel a little nutty and that’s okay.
Experiencing life makes me smile.
I feel sensational.
I go with the flow of life.
My conscious tears help to cleanse my soul.
I’m going to make it.
I choose my life’s adventures.
I stitch the pattern of my life together beautifully.
I am who I want to be.
I teach others and others teach me.
Everywhere around me I perceive freedom and opportunity.
I believe we are all created equal.
My heart is full of compassion.
I have an abundance of gifts to share with the world.
My confidence is an attribute.
Having confidence comes naturally to me.
My life is an important investment.
I am outgoing and free from shyness.
I trust my gut feelings.
Life is one fun activity after another.
I treat myself the way I’d like others to treat me.
I treat myself very well.
I accept my housing as a safe haven.
I jump into the game of life.
I am free from prejudices.
I relax into the rhythm of my life.
I recognize and embrace all emotions.
I am free from illusions.
I am the master over my time.
I deserve total freedom.
I can take care of myself.
I know what I want out of life.
It’s okay to make my own decisions.
I am affected by only positive energy.
Anything and everything is possible.
It’s natural for me to treat others well.
I’m okay all the time in every circumstance.
I’ve decided to embrace any challenges and changes.
I am now free from jealousy.
I’m as important as my favorite celebrity.
Expressing gratitude comes naturally to me.
I communicate well at all times.
My communication skills improve daily.
I set my imagination free.
Today I give myself a break.
I’m as good as anyone else.
I retain my good mood through all things.
Overcoming obstacles is easy for me.
My mind responds well to mental exercises.
Thinking I look good is okay.
It’s all right to feel comfortable with my looks.
I’m able to ignore any negative influences.
I enjoy being nice to strangers.
Sexy is a good word to describe me.
Intelligent is a good word to describe me.
Confident is a good word to describe me.
I deserve to be around positive interesting people.
I expect good things to happen and they do.
I expect my life to change in a positive way and it does.
All the choices I make are good ones.
The choices I make are appropriate for me.
I am able to think clearly in all circumstances.
I move with beauty and grace.
I’m relaxed in all situations.
I take people’s advice and do with it what I choose.
Beauty is around me at all times.
It’s okay that I’m an independent spirit.
I remain alert when I need to be.
I am alert now in this moment.
I’m more powerful every day.
I believe in myself and I show that to the world today.
I have high ideals and I stick to them.
My morals are right for me.
Today I take advantage of being alive.
Today I use my talents to their utmost.
I deserve a new beautiful vehicle that I easily afford.
My life gets better and better every day.
I’m able to retain my unique sense of style at all times.
Every day I find out more about who I am.
Discovering who I am is very exciting and fun.
Everything always works out for the best.
I am calm and confident always.
My muscles relax with every breath.
It’s okay to continue to feel wonderful.
It’s okay to continue to prosper.
It’s okay to hold a positive attitude even when others don’t.
I deserve lots of positive experiences.
My mind is relaxed and receptive to guidance.
Releasing my past is a wise choice.
It’s okay to choose whether or not to take advice I’m given.
I’m beautiful inside and out.
I create my own solutions to my life challenges.
While showering I see my worries flowing down the drain.
I have an overall upbeat attitude about life.
I remember to breathe deeply on a regular basis.
I am guilt-free and I love it.
I am free to be anything I choose.
I am free to act any way I choose.
I am dedicated to the task at hand.
I enjoy my environment.
I belong.
I’m tremendously important.
I feel things deeply and that’s okay.
Knowing I can I choose to keep my spirits up.
I accept responsibility over my actions.
I’m excited about my life.
I live in the moment.
I let God take care of the Universe.
I accept a harmonious lifestyle.
I am brilliant.
The best in me is yet to come.
I’m perfect right now in this moment.
I choose to live my destiny.
I choose to keep up my enthusiasm for life.
I choose to feel worthwhile.
I deserve to feel worthwhile.
I remain calm while planning my future.
I am free from all forms of jealousy.
I am free from all forms of anger.
It’s easy to imagine myself where I want to be.
Everyone I come in contact with today is kind and loving.
I calmly bless all that is around me.
Today I remember that every moment is a miracle.
I relax into my destiny.
I choose to let insults roll off my back today.
It’s okay to live by my own ideals.
I choose to be relaxed and content.
I deserve to have a really great mail day.
Affirmations really work.
My happiness is permanent.
I deserve to live a charmed existence.
My tastes are simple; I want the best of everything.
I value my own opinion.
I can concentrate on one thing at a time if I choose.
I can concentrate on many things at once if I choose.
All people are inherently good.
I view my world through many different colors of glasses.
Viewing the world through rose-colored glasses is okay.
You and I are equal.
I believe in total equality.
My mind is clear and I’m good at making decisions.
I do deep breathing to regularly get the jitters out.
Communicating with myself is something I do well.
I appreciate who I am and what I can do.
My self-worth runs high.
I retain my good sense of humor through all things.
I am calm in all circumstances.
I keep my hopes set high.
I am who I choose to be.
I’ve conquered any problems with authority figures.
I relax into the flow of my life.
I am released from feelings of inadequacy.
I focus well on all projects.
I have found my niche in the world.
It’s time for amazing people like me to step forward.
I’m very talented.
I have an extraordinary sense of style.
I choose to let go of any antagonistic feelings.
I have great role models.
I am free from labels.
I am free from comparisons.
I choose whom I wish to emulate.
I believe in what I’m doing.
I believe in myself.
Positive thoughts are what I enjoy most.
I have as much promise as everyone else.
I have as much to offer the world as anyone.
My mind is a powerful tool.
I have the perfect vehicle for my needs.
I am what I want to be.
I deserve to be surrounded by beautiful things.
I always look on the positive side of everything.
Absolutely anything is possible.
I deserve to be surrounded by positive people.
I know my destiny and I’m working to fulfill it.
I respond very well to good treatment.
I’m starting off on the right foot today.
Today I remember to think before I act.
Every way I look at things we all win.
I choose to be unaffected by negative thoughts.
I notice what I need to in my surroundings.
I choose actions that are therapeutic today.
I deserve to ride in limousines regularly.
I remain rational at all times.
I am my own best friend.
I’m here to find the best that can happen today.
I’m here to have some fun today.
I can do anything I put my mind to.
I spend my time wisely today.
Delegating authority is easy for me.
It’s okay for my life to be easy.
It’s okay for my life to run smoothly.
I am secure in myself and my abilities.
I remain excited about my possibilities.
I choose to remain mindful during good times.
I express myself clearly at all times.
I am highly creative.
I find it easy to apologize when I want to.
My anger is a part of me I can accept.
I choose to be anger-free.
I choose to be in touch with my feelings.
I’m able to alter the course of my life.
I let only positive thoughts enter my consciousness.
I’m free from unneeded hunger.
I accept only positive outcomes.
I am as I choose to be.
I behave as I choose to behave.
Keeping my spirits up is easy for me.
My living arrangements suit me perfectly.
I need only me to make myself feel important.
It’s okay to be who I am.
I’m deeply grateful for my existence.
I choose how to respond to events in my life.
I choose to admire myself.
I have more blessings than I can count.
I banish all negative thoughts from my consciousness.
I shake all the negative thoughts out of my system.
I am free of the thought of negative outcomes.
I am more confident today than yesterday.
For now I set aside negative thoughts.
Every day offers unlimited potential.
The interesting and exciting part of life has now begun.
I’m a nice person.
I have a lot going for me.
I have good ideas.
I deserve to go everywhere first class.
I am free of all jealousy.
I believe the sky’s the limit.
Time works for me.
I have abilities to branch out in all directions.
The world now beats a path to my door.
I’m free of fear of success.
Feeling sorry for myself is now a part of my past.
I have room in my life for all good things.
I easily take care of myself.
Trusting my hunches and gut feelings works for me.
Nurturing others comes naturally to me.
Nurturing myself comes naturally to me.
My destiny is right on track.
I give myself permission to be prosperous.
Relaxation is good and easy for me.
I stay in touch with long-distance friends and relatives.
I give my heart away and receive it back.
I take time to catch my breath daily.
I’m doing just fine.
I’m ready to get my show on the road.
I choose to live.
People like me better when I like myself.
I am as good as everyone else.
My ideas have merit.
My ideas are as good as anyone else’s.
I deserve to leave my worries behind.
Water is refreshing; I drink.
glasses a day.
I am continually in a state of grace.
It’s possible to be excited and calm at the same time.
I’m here for the ride and my view is great.
I respect myself.
I evaluate each decision and make the right choice.
Loving thinking comes easily to me.
I feel very secure within myself.
I have the intelligence to do anything I choose.
I’m secure within all of my relationships.
I choose to taste the world in which I live today.
It’s okay to make decisions based on my gut feelings.
My life has many more ups than downs.
I am a peaceful being.
I exist and I am loved.
I am a good person no matter what.
I relax and receive guidance.
Fresh air heals me so I breathe deeply today.
I remember to communicate with nature daily.
I’m an inspiration to myself and others.
My moods are a part of me.
Being what some people call moody is okay.
I’m incredibly thankful today.
In my life’s journey I’ve got a window seat.
I’m thrilled with what I’ve accomplished in my life so far.
Destiny is calling and I feel myself answering.
My life proceeds wonderfully well at all times.
Great opportunities fall in my lap today.
I’m thankful with every breath I take.
I’m high quality.
I remember everyone I meet has their own challenges.
My personality suits me.
My personality is colorful and interesting.
I allow my abundance to arrive.
I release all doubts from my being.
I listen very well.
I’m a wonderful listener.
I allow others to have different points of view.
I relinquish the activity of arguing.
I choose all activities in my life wisely.
Today I choose to find people to admire.
I release all nervous feelings from my being.
My ship comes in today.
I am an expert at working with affirmations.
I deserve to take really good care of myself.
When I speak my mind it clears my head.
It’s okay to receive compliments.
I now release all butterflies from my stomach.
Destiny is calling and I answer now in this moment.
Today I share my talents and skills with humanity.
Today I learn something from everyone I meet.
I gain knowledge from many different sources today.
I easily find my way in life.
I have a great sense of direction.
Getting lost is in my past and I release it now.
My self-worth is determined by me.
My life always has meaning.
I feel very confident today.
I give and receive praise today.
I notice only the good in people today.
I think I look just fine.
There are many ways to feel wealthy; I discover them all.
Life has dealt me a wonderful hand and I’m playing it well.
I remain constant in my positive beliefs.
I’m willing to entertain the possibility of change.
I accept the generosity of others today.
My destiny is my own.
I claim my destiny.
I claim my prosperity.
I have decided to be prosperous.
I am free from discouragement.
I am in demand.
I feel good about myself regardless of my actions.
My life is carefree.
I am courageous and loving.
I approve of myself.
I possess an excellent memory.
I let go of all frustrations today.
I have the support of everyone around me.
I’m easily able to focus on any activity I choose.
I ask all the right questions today.
Today I choose to really listen carefully.
I articulate my thoughts very well.
It’s okay to let someone else be the life of the party.
Things can only get better.
I’m clever and creative in all I say and do.
I have very good ideas.
It’s okay to be excited about my accomplishments.
I dedicate my life to the causes I see fit.
It’s okay to want more.
It’s okay to want to have it all.
My fondest wishes have been granted.
I give myself lots of treats today.
It’s okay to baby myself.
Whatever happens I keep my faith.
There is a great goodness in humanity.
I trust myself again.
I treat myself like royalty today.
I always explain my views clearly and calmly.
I listen to the desires of my heart.
I think things through and have lots of time to decide.
I’m proud to be hanging in there.
I give myself credit for all the kindness I extend.
I can be whatever I need to be at any given moment.
I can do whatever I need to do in any given moment.
It’s easy for me to ignore all rumors.
My feelings are tremendously important.
I handle all pressures with style and grace.
It’s okay to feel my sorrow.
I focus on my power to transform my life.
I concentrate on my abilities today.
People listen when I express my opinions.
I’m free from the negative opinions of others.
All my wishes are coming TRUE.
All of my emotions are necessary for my existence.
I choose today to unmask a new me.
Today I reveal to the world who I truly am.
There are many more things in life to discover.
I’m able to shrug off potentially distressing news.
Daily I make plans and happily complete them.
Opportunities are all around me.
I’m an individual and I address my individual needs.
I meet all the people I admire within my lifetime.
I leave all suspicious actions in my past.
It’s okay to ask a lot of questions.
I take command of my life.
I easily resolve any potential conflicts.
Anything worth getting is worth getting quickly.
I let other people solve their own problems.
I release my attachment to solving others’ problems.
I deserve to have massages on a regular basis.
I stay aware of possibilities today and always.
Seeing others as myself helps me to understand them.
I treat all animals with respect.
Animals and I get along very well.
Today I discover my purpose in life.
I choose to have fun in every moment.
I choose only mentally healthy shows to watch on TV.
I remember to notice the beauty in all things today.
Every day I understand myself more.
I release all negative and I now accept all positive.
All purchases I make are correct for me.
I truly like people and they like me.
I’m a people-person.
I am now free of bad breath.
I remember to follow the hygiene habits I’ve chosen.
Brushing my teeth twice a day is a habit for me.
I’m open to suggestions from all positive sources.
All the conflicts I have with others are easily resolved today.
I am free of conflicts today.
I choose to have all my conflicts resolved today.
I’m very satisfied with the way my life is turning out.
Even when I’m tired I think clearly.
I am secure within myself and my abilities.
Today I connect with everything and everyone around me.
I love the town in which live.
The town I live in loves me.
I am rich beyond measure.
I am friends with all police officers.
I always find the lowest prices when I shop.
I am part of a good and kind Universe.
On the journey of life I’m given all that I need.
I’m far wealthier than I realize.
I am free of the need to control other people’s lives.
I am easily able to spot a con.
I always assume everyone is doing their best.
It’s easy to give people the benefit of the doubt.
I always take time to think before I speak.
Today I let the other person finish speaking before I speak.
I receive guidance daily from a higher power.
I relax every fiber of my being.
I focus on the good in every situation.
I pass down through the generations only the values I wish.
I am free to hold my own values.
I now free myself from my past.
The truth is always alright to speak.
How I choose to perceive others’ comments is up to me.
The opinion I hold of myself is all that truly matters.
I’m much calmer now in this moment.
I now feel calmness washing over me.
I believe in remaining calm in all situations.
When it all comes down to it it’s all up to me.
I always want what’s best for me.
I am free of gossip.
Only I know what’s truly best for me.
I spend my time constructively.
I’m always mentally prepared for everything.
Insults bounce off of me and leave me unaffected.
My emotional temperature is always at love.
I am free of the role of victim.
With every new experience I gain vast knowledge.
I make a conscious effort to learn from everything in life.
Whatever happens I’m gonna be okay.
What is right for my life is determined by me.
My life and all life is precious.
The answers to all my questions are stored within me.
I put all anger aside today.
Any feelings of betrayal I release now.
My memory is a part of me and is always reliable.
Everything I do I do with love.
There’s plenty of time to get done what needs to be done.
I go with my gut feelings % of the time.
I know exactly what I want.
I know myself better than anyone else does.
I’ve transcended boredom.
The hysteria in my life is settling down now.
Everyone respects my privacy.
I’m now free of superficiality.
I’m figuring out what means the most to me.
I’m free from believing in body odor.
Every one of my acts is an unselfish act.
Every action I take is for my good and the good of others.
There’s always a chance for goodness to take over.
Today I set my tortured mind free.
I have the skills it takes to master my life challenges.
I’m okay as I am and I choose to get even better.
I’m now free of any desire to whine.
I’m now free from speaking untruths.
My vehicle and I are forming a positive relationship.
My appliances and I are forming a positive relationship.
I always behave at peak performance.
Terrific people continually come into my life.
Discovering my TRUE potential is rewarding.
I learn grand lessons today.
Telling others what to do is part of my past and I let it go.
I like the way I walk.
I’m free of procrastinating.
There is always time to listen to the other point of view.
My thoughts are powerful and I choose them wisely.
The words I use today are always positive and supportive.
I’m productive when I put my mind and heart to any task.
My vehicle always runs in perfect condition.
I’m finished with feeling sorry for myself.
I choose to understand all sides of an issue.
I now visualize my life exactly as I wish it to be.
I remember to visualize my life in the positive.
I choose to visualize my day going smoothly in all areas.
Visualization is easy for me.
Today I reach my full potential.
Today I visualize finishing all I set my mind to.
I am viewed by others as a positive person.
I view myself as a positive person.
I now completely trust my hair stylist.
My disposition is always one of which I can be proud.
I trust and listen to my hunches.
I’m connected with my personal power.
It’s comfortable for me to change for the better.
I find the correct people to assist me on my path.
I deserve the best and I get what I want.
I pay attention to all the things I want and retain that focus.
I consciously choose to relax.
Terrific opportunities come my way today.
I’m free from worrying over things that haven’t happened.
I direct my attention to the positive side of life.
I help humanity by helping myself.
Every day I become more responsible.
Every day I become more joyful and playful.
Everything has a positive side.
I always have exquisite manners.
I make time for fun today.
I’m always able to stay out of trouble.
All is going well in my life.
I easily overcome any dark thoughts.
I’m vibrant and alive.
Everything happens in its own time.
Every day I discover more of what makes me unique.
I’m becoming a better reader every day.
I’m always happy with the decisions I make.
I retain information from everything I read.
My choice of reading material is improving daily.
I’d rather read a good book than watch television.
Today I read something filled with insights for me.
Everything I choose to read brings me many insights.
I’ve chosen to relinquish anger and the pain it causes.
When it comes to clothing I’m developing my own style.
I remember to take my daily vitamins.
I like the sound of my voice.
I have the freedom and confidence to be myself.
I learn from any and all mistakes.
It’s okay to sing out loud in the car.
I’m always around whenever I need me.
I know everything always works out alright.
I have a great and kind sense of humor.
It’s okay to be spontaneous.
I’m calm and centered now and always.
I believe it when people say I’m beautiful.
In the winter I always stay warm.
In the summer I always stay cool.
I’m as good a person as all the people on television.
It’s okay to just be quiet.
Today I rest my troubled mind.
I allow myself to prosper today.
I’ve survived much in this life and I continue to survive.
I’m becoming better looking every day.
Insights come to me from many different sources.
Every choice I make is the right one.
I expect great things to happen today so they do.
I completely relax into the moment.
I’m very knowledgeable when it comes to car buying.
I’m knowledgeable when it comes to repairing my vehicle.
I remember to get my car tuned-up at its scheduled times.
I’m happy I know how to operate my vehicle effectively.
I always drive with caution and a pinch of patience.
A positive attitude is the most important accessory I wear.
No matter what I’m doing the best I can.
I always easily affirm myself out of a dark mood.
I enjoy every aspect of my life.
I perform all my daily functions well.
What matters is that I like myself.
I excuse others for insensitive behavior.
I get along better with kids every day.
I have my wits about me today.
I always have the ability to rally back and win.
Any jokes I tell are always appropriate and tasteful.
I always extend myself in a loving and open manner.
Tender words are always welcome.
I’m very good at relaxing on cue.
In this moment I choose to be free.
I like my laugh.
Freedom is a concept I’m now accepting.
I enjoy and appreciate art and artists.
My temper is always under control.
I overcome all obstacles today.
I have all the skills I need to perform well in life.
It’s easy for me to say I’m sorry.
Remembering to write letters is easier for me now.
I accept apologies easier each time.
I always pay my bills on time with money left over.
I accept my destiny with pride and determination.
It’s okay to act differently than those around me.
I choose to be free from sticking my foot in my mouth.
How I respond to my life is my choice.
I am able to stay alert through all I do today.
I choose to have many “days in the sun”.
It’s okay to have excitement in my belly.
I release all my insecurities.
In the end the decision is always mine.
Ultimately I make all decisions in my life.
It’s logical to visualize great outcomes.
I believe I will always act responsibly.
Anger enables me to practice relaxation techniques.
My accomplishments are many.
I am free of competition.
I fit my unique piece into the world’s puzzle.
I’m an exquisite creation with zero defects.
How I handle conflict is up to me.
The time is now for change.
I’m ecstatic about my life possibilities.
I give up the attraction to behaving badly.
I now put my plans into action.
I plan to remain positive and calm today.
I accept only positive comments about myself and others.
I’m completely satisfied in this moment.
I am free from all restrictions.
What everyone else does and what I do can be different.
I have the ability to change my life in an instant.
It’s okay for me to be the one to instigate a conversation.
I live my life by listening to my instincts.
The words “ought” and “should” are out of my vocabulary.
I release archaic thoughts and ideas.
Being content with my life is alright.
There is more to life than me.
It enriches me when I compliment others.
Today I choose to write a thank-you note or two.
I use all my time constructively.
I smile at everyone with whom I make contact today.
My positive attitude is contagious.
I am thankful down to every cell of my body.
I always have control over my actions.
I’m finished with feeling sorry for myself.
I respect other people’s privacy.
I’m free from the desire to lose my temper.
I feel like a million bucks.
I enjoy cleaning the house.
I like doing the laundry.
I always have help when I choose to clean the house.
Everyone sees how kind and understanding I am.
I listen to my heart and follow its instructions.
It’s okay to release anger from this situation.
I’m mature enough to handle all of my responsibilities.
Giving myself a pat on the back is very good.
Giving someone else a pat on the back is very good.
I always give credit where credit is due.
I thank people appropriately today.
I remember to thank everyone in my life often.
I find it comfortable to hug others.
I choose to give away hugs to everyone in my life.
I enjoy giving and receiving hugs and do it often.
I’m a thoughtful person and think of others’ feelings.
I choose to share my experience with the world today.
I make a difference today.
Today I refuse to spread lies.
I’ve decided to give up gossiping now.
I deserve fresh flowers regularly.
I’m responsible for all of my actions.
I’m responsible for how I act and react in any situation.
People are really all the same.
It’s okay to be nervous if I choose.
I’m as important and necessary as anyone else.
I’m as deserving as anyone else.
Processing information is what my brain does best.
Today I ask people how they feel and I really listen.
I’m mentally able to relax and take it easy today.
I allow myself the luxuries of life.
When the telephone rings I expect and get good news.
There’s always room for creativity in any project.
I’m on time for everything I do today.
I give myself permission to be calm.
I always have a calm disposition.
After feeling knocked down I quickly get back up.
Curiosity is a part of me and helps me learn.
I share what I have and know with others.
It’s okay when things are going easily and well.
I’m known as a person who gets things done.
I win the support of influential people and organizations.
It’s okay to have a lot on my mind; I can still relax.
I’m emotional and sensitive and that’s a good thing.
I take all comments toward me as compliments.
I enjoy challenging situations.
It’s okay to enjoy the kindness of strangers.
I notice all goodness around me.
I have countless blessings in all areas of my life.
I have my own personal style and I love it.
The people that I care about care about me.
My future looks amazingly bright.
There are many places I want to visit and I know I will.
I’m a grown-up and I act like it… when I want to.
There are things worth standing up for.
I feel like my life is changing for the better daily.
When I increase my self worth the sky’s the limit.
Daily I prove to myself that I deserve the best.
I hold onto my convictions.
I have a firm grasp on my present and future.
I remember my past fondly and with healing energy.
Every detail of my life suits me perfectly.
I take good care of myself.
I make big decisions easily and quickly.
I’m known as someone who can make it happen.
Rest and relaxation is good for my mind body and soul.
I’m around the people who do me the most good.
When I want to be left alone I am.
When I want company I attract positive loving company.
Complaining is part of my past and I now let it go.
I’m my own person % of the time.
When I choose to be I’m very persuasive.
It’s okay to get something off my chest.
I own my depression and I can choose to release it.
I’m alive I’m a survivor.
I’m taking my life back now.
The position I hold in life is up to me.
I’ve decided to refrain from cheating.
Today I get my act into gear.
It’s okay to go places alone.
Circumstances are always within my control.
I always discuss issues calmly.
Tortured thoughts are in my past and I release them.
My feelings of helplessness are gone.
I’m excited to see the outcome of my positive actions.
My fantasies become reality today.
Selfishness is part of my past and I release it now.
I’m free from underestimating my tomorrows.
It’s okay to cry and laugh whenever I choose.
Feeling like crying is okay.
I’m now choose to cry less frequently.
Deep breathing now takes the place of tears.
My heart soars with the clouds today.
I treat myself to spa treatments regularly.
My qualifications as a positive human are excellent.
I’m pleased with my appearance today and every day.
Decisions that shape my life are best made by me.
The direct communication approach works well for me.
The time has come for me to live life fully.
Grand ideas come into my consciousness today.
It’s okay to think big.
I make all the right choices today.
I choose to be carefree right now.
I understand my emotions more each day.
I’m getting in touch with my TRUE emotions.
I have what it takes to make it big.
It’s okay to have people count on me.
I find it easy to catch my breath.
I possess a never-ending supply of hope.
I’m very talented in many areas of my life.
I hold myself in high regard.
I choose to completely relax now in this moment.
I remember to be fascinated with life.
I clean up my act today.
I’m finally able to realize my self-worth today.
It’s okay to feel that I’m a genius.
I spend time today pleasing myself.
I feel very free today.
I demand the best of myself and I always deliver.
It’s okay to have fun with life.
I’m a multi-faceted individual.
I’m good at a lot of different things.
It’s okay to act nutty when I feel like it.
It’s okay to be what others would term as abnormal.
I’m consistently winning contests and sweepstakes.
I’ve given up suicide as an option.
I have the capacity for positive change.
I have the ability to change my life for the better.
I’m famous just as I am now.
I’m important just as I am now.
People find me fascinating today.
I find myself fascinating today.
I find others fascinating today.
Fantastic events happen to me today.
It’s okay to feel I’m important.
Today my high energy remains constant.
I get good ideas from many interesting sources.
I enjoy planning ahead.
I remember to vote.
It’s okay to appear silly and be laughed at sometimes.
I handle conflicts very well.
I deserve the goodness I’ve been given.
It’s okay to feel nervous and it’s okay to feel calm.
I can choose calmness at any time.
I’m always where I need to be.
I think on my feet.
I see things in others that I recognize within myself.
I’m able to make people understand what I’m feeling.
I believe my life continues to get better.
I’m enjoying myself more each day.
My problems are diminishing rapidly.
I attract people to me by being calm and loving.
It’s now easier talking to others about my problems.
I’m always in the right place at the right time.
I’m free from ever being involved in traffic accidents.
I’m now free from feelings of worthlessness.
I have the skills and the ability to do whatever I wish.
I’m comfortable in everything I wear.
I’m comfortable when I wear nothing.
I walk and talk with confidence and grace.
I’m now free to be totally myself in all situations.
In the grand scheme of things I matter.
I work through what’s making me feel sad.
It’s easier for me to define and embrace my feelings.
I’m now able to release any old hurt feelings.
I let go of any feelings of shame.
I now throw guilt right out the window.
I gravitate toward people I need to learn lessons from.
I gravitate toward people who want to learn from me.
I’m very in tune to the feelings and needs of others.
I’m able to spend plenty of time with those I love.
I easily decide what deals are right for me today.
When purchasing a vehicle I always make the right choice.
All salespeople treat me with respect and love.
I’m very knowledgeable when it comes to car buying.
I’m finished with feeling unworthy.
I’m now releasing any and all stubborn tendencies.
I have a long beautiful life ahead of me.
Today I let my life happen smoothly.
I know what I want and I allow it to come to me.
It’s okay to believe in fairy tales.
I’ve given up judging myself and others.
I’m now free from getting stuck in traffic jams.
I ignore the harsh comments of others.
I choose to dismiss doom and gloom messages.
Today I believe I’m very sexy.
I stand on my own two feet and face my challenges.
I can be excited and calm at the same time.
It’s easy to figure out the best way to help others.
I remember there are many ways of looking at things.
Today I give people a little slack.
Today I ignore the condescending remarks of others.
Today I enjoy the supportive remarks of others.
I choose to keep all the promises that I make.
When someone confides in me I respect their privacy.
I take responsibility over my life.
I feel relaxed and refreshed today.
All life experiences are equal and wonderful.
I’ve decided to keep living today.
Times change rapidly and I choose to keep up.
I’m adventurous and attract other adventurous people.
I’m committed to bringing my visions into reality.
I send my life issues lots of love today.
I’m free from having to take care of the world.
The world is free to make up its own mind.
I’m free to make up my own mind.
What other people think of me is their choice.
I’m unaffected by what others think of me.
I now shed my need for approval.
It’s okay to know what I want to be when I grow up.
It’s okay to not know what I want to be when I grow up.
It’s okay to always feel young inside.
I’m free from the view others have of me.
I only care what view I hold of myself.
I make the world a better place.
I choose to keep the day bright.
I have extraordinary gifts and lead an extraordinary life.
I embrace my freedom.
I get many second winds throughout my day.
I can be humble and wondrous at the same time.
I’m now a grown-up and I love it.
I love the way my mind works.
I’m now free from holding grudges.
I can always go further than others think I can go.
I give my discouragement up for lent.
I’m okay through and through.
The rest of my life can be completely better than now.
Getting what I want is a trick I’ve mastered.
It’s okay to digest new ideas and concepts daily.
I know affirmations work.
I’m free from wallowing in self-pity.
Having a wild streak inside me is okay.
I feel myself being pulled toward my destiny.
It’s okay to be the star of my life.
All my problems are already solved.
I’m free from being upset with myself.
In my existence all is well.
It’s okay to enjoy culinary delicacies regularly.
Today I take my own advice.
It’s time I accept all the good that’s coming to me.
I bounce back from troubles quickly now.
I always have a choice of how I want to react.
I ignore the flaws of others.
No matter what I always mean well.
I have the ability to do many things at once.
It’s okay to enjoy many types of entertainment.
I have something to believe in.
I’m exceptionally well-liked and respected.
I have so much I now choose to give.
I’m very grateful for what I have and who I know.
I now find the answers for which I’ve been searching.
I now choose to find all items I’ve lost.
It’s okay for me to go first class all the way.
My life has unlimited possibilities.
I clear up all misunderstandings today.
I deserve to experience the good life in many forms.
I always have plenty of help whenever I need it.
It’s okay to radically change my mind.
I’m free from feeling I have to hide my pain.
I’m free from feeling that all I have is my pain.
I’m always in the mood to hear good news.
Today belongs to me.
Life can always get better and it always does.
If it is meant to be I allow it to be.
I’m free from crying to get what I want.
I’m free from using tears as a weapon.
I’m now aware of the kind of words I regularly use.
I know choose to use more positive words.
My communication skills are continually improving.
I have many desires and it’s okay to fulfill them.
It’s okay to color outside the lines today.
I am freedom incarnate.
Today I choose my words wisely.
Even in dark times I look for and find life’s rainbows.
I’m now free from being easily provoked.
It’s time to get back into the main stream of life again.
Today I open my eyes to life’s endless possibilities.
It’s okay to talk to myself.
It’s okay to answer myself from within.
I’m now free of believing in superstition.
I’m now done with being possessive.
My wedding ceremony is now turning out perfectly.
It’s okay to get positive attention on my wedding day.
It’s okay to get positive attention on any day.
I always choose the right time to express my opinions.
I’m now ready to reveal my talents to the world.
The world is now ready to accept my talents.
It’s okay to be an orphan; the world is my family.
Tough times are behind me; I bless and release them.
I choose freedom today.
I now choose to be on time for everything.
It’s okay to ignore misguided advertising.
Today I give up struggling against the Universe.
I’m imaginative and creative.
I enjoy being a deep thinker.
It’s okay to gesture wildly as I speak.
Being dramatic when I speak is part of who I am.
It’s okay that I’m considered a complicated person.
I renounce all labels that are intended to limit me.
I now choose to refuse to be wasteful.
I choose to be efficient in my actions today.
When people tell me their feelings I listen with love.
I remain free from problems or worries.
I choose to be free from underestimating myself.
It’s okay to be unpredictable if I choose.
My life is a series of great choices I’ve made.
I choose to be famous in my own lifetime.
I’m valuable just as I am.
I believe I can conquer anything today.
I allow wondrous things to happen to me today.
I see great potential in myself.
I always consider all possibilities.
Life is a game and I choose to earn extended play.
I now choose to be self-motivated.
I choose to relate easily with others.
I choose to see every challenge as an opportunity.
The changes that are occurring in my life feel natural.
Now that I’m insert current age I can do anything I like.
I’m now free from forcing issues.
I pay attention to all that’s around me today.
I have a solid personality full of depth and purpose.
I have brilliant ideas and it’s okay to share them.
The decisions I make today are right for all concerned.
I walk and move with dignity and grace.
My day is filled with marvelous coincidences.
My world is filled with very moral people.
It’s okay to blush easily and to give up blushing.
It’s great I’m able to talk to people openly.
It’s okay to be a legend in my own mind.
Daydreaming is productive and I indulge in it often.
My physical endurance level increases daily.
I enjoy meeting people in sports related activities.
Talking to people on the phone is now easier for me.
It’s okay to be shy; I still get my point across.
I’m now giving up the need to appear shy.
Being shy is a part of who I am and I accept all of me.
It’s okay to be loud and outspoken.
Giving up the need to be loud and outspoken is okay.
Being outspoken is a part of who I am.
When I look in the mirror I smile at the person I am.
I give up the need to prove others wrong.
I’m climbing to new heights concerning my self-worth.
I’m a delightful person to be around.
Terrific happenings occur in my life today.
This is only the beginning of the great things to come.
My life is now working out exactly as I wish.
I’m finished with focusing on disagreements.
I’ve taken the attraction off of being in disagreement.
I choose to take the charge off of being in anger.
I make the decision to be affected or unaffected by words.
I’ve taken the word “impossible” out of my vocabulary.
Everything in my world always turns out alright.
Realizing my TRUE self-worth is exciting.
I behave as the kind of person I’d most like to be.
I’m able to see the positive outcomes of my decisions.
I’m finished with putting down my competitors.
My plans for my future are flexible.
Today I choose to treat all sales people with respect.
I speak kindly to all clerks and people who serve me.
I choose to build up the self-esteem of others today.
I am emotionally self-sufficient now.
I choose to remember that I am always powerful.
I am at one with my creator.
I have given up any need for anxiety and worry.
I am now free from the lure of distractions.
I choose to be free of the trap of procrastination.
I remain attentive all of this day.
I choose to be led by the mind of God.
It’s okay to question any of my past beliefs.
I choose to continue to question my current beliefs.
I support only what is meaningful today.
I choose to break free from negative routines today.
I let go of all irritations today.
I carry blessings with me and leave them wherever I walk.
It’s okay to be confused about what I read and hear.
It’s okay to let my anger dissipate now.
I find new ways today to put creativity into my work.
There’s always a reason to keep on living.
All the events in my life contain great gifts.
I stay alert while driving on all trips.
My world is filled with beauty.
I choose to be generous to everyone in my world.
I consider all sides to issues.
I gently demand the best from myself and I deliver.
I happily do many acts of kindness today.
I share my bliss with the world today.
I remember to spend time in total silence today.
I am liberated and free from that which is external.
I’m perfectly comfortable with the decisions I make.
I reclaim my personal power today.
Today I choose to focus on my strengths.
I tingle with anticipation of what’s ahead of me.
I enjoy bringing people together.
I have a great deal of stamina.
I depend upon my own good instincts.
I’m known as very dependable.
I remain detached from other people’s dramas.
I pay attention to the details of my life.
I pay attention to the big picture of my life.
Developing new interests is something I do often.
It’s easy now for me to avoid devious people.
I am a diamond and I deserve to shine.
I take the direct approach when solving challenges.
I now begin to make music in the orchestra of life.
I now refuse to wear any kind of personality disguise.
My dominant traits include love compassion and joy.
I allow peaceful thoughts to dominate my consciousness.
Each day I have the opportunity to begin again.
I choose to duplicate the positive qualities of others.
I make all the changes that I wish with ease.
It’s okay to have elaborate plans for my future.
I choose to be free of embarrassment.
My capacity for change is immense.
I find enjoyment in living every moment.
My enthusiasm for living and learning is contagious.
I’m establishing myself as an expert on positive behavior.
It’s alright to always expect the best.
It’s alright to get my hopes up and I do.
I choose to breathe new life into my projects today.
I’ve decided it’s time to get on with my life.
I make decisions based on what is for my own good.
My insurance rates continue to go down.
It’s now time to clear my mind and soul.
All of my experiences have made me the person I am.
I choose to be punctual today and always.
I keep all the promises I make.
I am accommodating to the feelings of others today.
I’m now free from the tendency to overreact.
I am now free from worry of failure.
Every day my emotional baggage becomes lighter.
I am relaxed and productive.
My TRUE beauty radiates from within my heart.
I choose to be supportive of myself.
Enemies are a figment of my imagination.
I choose a state of abundance today.
I have a great attitude.
Thinking clearly is a luxury I always possess.
I continue to remain free of delusion.
I am free from stereotypical comments and attitudes.
I choose to accept myself as I am now.
I choose to accept others as they are now.
Dedication to my causes is a good thing.
I am focused and powerful in this moment.
I remain excited about life’s possibilities.
I’m now free from repeating past mistakes.
I choose to be free of embarrassing situations.
This city holds great promise for me.
Life is a big game and I’ve decided to win.
This moment is special and I treat it that way.
I’ve come a long way and I choose to remember that.
I’m now free from believing in limits.
Today I learn something that surprises and delights me.
Winning comes from the heart.
I sink my teeth into the causes that excite me.
It’s okay if I choose to live like a hermit.
It’s okay if I choose to live the life of a recluse.
I heartily welcome my positive feelings back today.
It’s okay to choose to be unaffected by harsh words.
It’s okay to rise above everyone’s expectations of me.
There’s always something positive left to say.
I’m better in this moment than I have ever been.
I am always protected from fear and despair.
I let my light shine brighter each day.
Telling other people’s secrets is a part of my past.
I remember people’s names with incredible accuracy.
It’s okay to take major bursts ahead in life.
I’m very pleased with my life’s turn of events.
I own my thoughts and feelings.
People perceive me as intelligent because I am.
It’s okay to be charismatic.
I work well with all types of people.
I spend my money and my time wisely.
I’m drawn toward positive energy people.
I remember to rest my eyes several times today.
Life goes on and I’m thrilled to be a part of it.
Gravity and I have an understanding and are friends.
Men and women are now communicating more openly.
Judgment calls are a thing of my past.
T. T. F. N. ta ta for now negative thoughts.
I enjoy breathing from my gut.
I leave the woods as natural as when I came.
Today I piece together more of the pattern of my life.
I enjoy laughing so I choose to do it often.
I take one day at a time enjoy life and share love.
I drop-kick my problems out of my consciousness.
I choose to be fascinated by self-growth.
I say thank you to all those who’ve helped me.
My intentions are good and so is my heart.
I take huge steps toward being independent today.
I choose to put into practice what I learn today.
I always have room for improvement.
I now know beyond any question who and what I am.
This is it — today I get the chance I’ve been waiting for.
Running away from my problems is part of my past.
Other people’s kindness is something I deserve.
My future looks very bright.
I always have all the privacy I need.
I’m able to communicate with others on all topics.
I’ve given up worrying about others.
I’m living a memorable life.
Today I choose to create a little magic.
I’ve chosen to give up nagging.
I choose to see the beauty in every situation.
I choose to let a miracle happen today.
I allow myself to be nicer today.
Ideas solidify in my mind quickly with great results.
It’s okay to tell everything I know.
It’s okay to be anal retentive.
It’s alright to reveal much of my thoughts to others.
I give up the notion of needing to be rescued.
This moment is my time I do with it as I see fit.
My ideas are born in my soul.
I choose today to bring my mind to stillness.
I do everything with a sense of reverence today.
I give up any need to be stubborn.
I choose to take action where I’ve been hesitating.
I can do anything I want right now in this moment.
I recognize the deception under which I’ve been living.
I give up the idea that I’m a slave to anything or anyone.
My motives are always on target with my function.
It’s okay to radically change my lifestyle.
In this moment I am exactly where I want to be.
I’m free from any sense of loneliness.
I give up any ideas of being threatened.
This day I choose the high road.
All my doubts now disappear in an instant.
I choose to look on the bright side of things.
It’s okay to have people wait on me.
I always treat all kinds of people with dignity.
I fulfill the obligations that I’ve made for myself.
It’s okay to feel at home wherever I am.
There’s always something to celebrate.
I enjoy being a student of life.
Today I discover what I’m an expert at.
Today I let go of the temptation to force things.
I’m thorough when cleaning out garbage from my mind.
I sail effortlessly through my tasks today.
I’m getting better at speaking in front of people.
I’m now able to sort out all of my feelings.
I can afford to loosen my grip on issues in my life.
It’s okay to do something right the first time.
My worries are few and far between.
I lessen my worry thoughts every day.
I always find the best solutions to challenges.
It’s okay to appear human in public situations.
I communicate my feelings using very few words.
The rules of my life change rapidly and I keep up well.
I’m now able to claim my space.
I’m always a good sport.
I find it easy to call people on the telephone.
All of my appointments go smoothly.
I choose for all of my “some days” to be now.
Complaining is part of my past and I let it go.
My private life remains my own.
I’m ready to live life to its fullest and life’s ready for me.
It’s okay to have differences of opinion.
Thoroughness is part of my nature.
I now give up any attachments to my thoughts.
I respect myself for the choices I make.
I have a well-rounded personality.
It’s okay to always do what I feel is right.
Talking with my elders is informative and fun.
I always speak with complete sincerity.
I give myself enough room to breathe.
Tragedy avoids me like the plague today.
It’s a person’s prerogative to change his/her mind.
I’m of the opinion that a life is always worth saving.
I’m always ready to receive insightful information.
The chances of my fantasies becoming realities are high.
Being curious is okay it helps me learn.
I’m prepared for my life to change for the better now.
I’m enjoying the process.
I choose to be free from burn out.
I choose to focus on only positive things.
My world is now becoming positive.
I’m able to make decisions all by myself.
My self-worth is strong.
I choose to cherish myself today.
I am a first class citizen at all times.
I always arrive to my appointments on time.
I enjoy spending time alone.
I’m done with critical thoughts of myself and others.
I choose to release blame from my consciousness.
I choose to be on time today and every day.
I’m free from discouraging others.
In all traffic I remain calm and friendly.
I dismiss any murderous thoughts or tendencies.
I choose to live beyond quiet desperation.
I am now living a charmed life.
Decisions based on greed are in my past.
Each person has innate value including me.
I choose and wear colors today by gut feelings.
I believe I can be trained to do anything.
I choose now to trust myself versus so-called experts.
My point of view is as important as anyone’s.
I choose to live my existence in harmony at all times.
I recognize the good ideas of others.
I now have a life free of unsolicited sales people.
I take my attention off of anger and conflict.
I seek and gain attention in positive ways only.
I see what’s going right in my life and in the world.
I focus on love joy acceptance and peace.
I do make a positive difference to the world.
My life is proof of my integrity.
Creativity flows from my consciousness effortlessly.
Today I see the birth of a new idea.
I experience delight in all activities today.
I’m able to keep my emotions balanced today.
I’m well known for always telling the truth.
I pray that in some way my life is an inspiration today.
I choose to be spontaneous and enjoy my existence.
Today I’ve decided to simplify my life.
Releasing negative thoughts is easier than I expected.
My world values honesty integrity and synchronicity.
I surrender the need to always be in control.
My heart mind and soul are filled with compassion.
Today I live with joyful expectancy.
The people in my world live in harmony.
I efficiently change my thought patterns now.
Today I choose faith as the answer to all questions.
I treat everyone with tenderness today and always.
I allow my body to shed purifying tears when necessary.
My existence is filled with gratitude.
My thought patterns go through a major transformation.
I release any and all feelings of stubbornness.
My communication skills improve rapidly now.
I discover my purpose within this moment.
I use humor appropriately today.
I allow my enthusiasm for life to bubble forth today.
Education is a part of my every day existence.
My life’s adventures begin again now.
Complete freedom takes place in my heart and soul.
I take responsibility for my choices today and always.
My relationships are golden and I treat them as such.
Misunderstandings are cleared up easily today.
I exert my mental strength in all I do today.
I remain flexible when making decisions.
I remember to take time to play today.
I choose to relinquish judging.
I easily meet all deadlines.
I transform all thoughts of anger into amused thoughts.
I choose to intentionally build people up today.
We all have problems so I send us all love.
I let my Inner Child out to play with me today.
I let my Inner Child hug all strangers today.
My wants and needs are easily met.
I relinquish making decisions in anger.
I’m through making jokes at the expense of others.
All is well in my world in this moment.
I’m through with sitting on the fence.
I make decisions quickly now.
I see only friendly faces everywhere I go.
My family supports me in all I do.
My positive feelings find their way into stubborn hearts.
I accept change with a positive attitude today.
I choose to enjoy everything I experience today.
I enjoy spending time with nature.
I choose to spend some time outdoors today.
I settle comfortably into the joy and possibility of today.
I’m finished going through any drama or turmoil.
I focus positive energy on an issue until I get results.
I attract people who look out for my best interests.
I give up all feelings of being betrayed.
I belong in the company of positive people.
I’m through with ruining my life.
I have impeccable manners.
I allow positive statements to positively affect me.
I accept the responsibility I’ve been given.
I use time to my advantage today.
It’s okay to go back to the drawing board.
Facts and figures are now falling into place for me.
Rules in my life are made and dissolved by me.
I choose the pace in which I work.
Everywhere I go I reach out to others today.
I break out of my mold today.
I form new positive patterns today.
I throw.
pennies sending good luck to others.
Brilliant people are drawn to me.
I always find trustworthy people.
I pray for the divine in me to shine forth today.
I’m now convinced that I’m a good person.
Ideas for personal improvement come to me quickly.
The shape of my future is pleasing to me.
I follow written and oral directions well.
I use my heart today to tell me when to use my mouth.
I now feel safe and secure and full of hope.
I feel the tension flowing away from my body now.
I crush negative thoughts beneath my feet today.
I see the humor in ridiculous situations.
It’s okay for creative thoughts to take a while to process.
I remember to really listen to people when they speak.
I let go of pre-conceived notions today.
I love radically different parts of my personality.
It’s a piece of cake to follow my right path in life.
My heart has now been altered for the good.
I appreciate it when people do favors for me.
Today I remember to write in my journal or diary.
I’m able to do all that I wish to accomplish today.
I talk less and listen more today.
I choose to participate wholly in my life today.
It’s okay to have shameless fun today.
The time is always now to make any and all changes.
I choose to have tough times step aside.
I determine what is tough and what is easy.
Totally free that’s how I feel today.
I’m free from putting words in other people’s mouths.
Toys are fun to play with; I’ll play with some toys today.
I choose to continue to learn through the rest of my life.
It’s okay for me to have a vehicle that always runs well.
It’s okay to be the one to apologize first.
Today I turn off the television and turn on my mind.
Making what looks like hard choices helps me to grow.
I free myself from having to listen to raunchy jokes.
I choose to be free from pessimistic thoughts.
Within my mind is a safe haven.
I am kindness incarnate.
I still find the good in people.
I find time to take long walks to clear my mind.
I choose to celebrate new memories today.
I am a receptor and transmitter of light energy.
Being polite is a positive habit of mine.
I’m through with subconsciously messing up my life.
I always recover from any temporary set-backs.
I’m smart and savvy and I always land on my feet.
Expecting the best is now part of me.
I interrupt dark thoughts and replace them with light.
I deserve a lifetime of positive magical experiences.
I’ve accomplished much in my life and I continue.
I choose to allow myself to enjoy every moment.
All sad times now disappear for good.
I’m a part of everyone and everything.
I’m always sensitive to the feelings of others.
I’ve decided to fix my own problems.
I choose now to eliminate any feelings of doom.
I choose now to take life less seriously.
I’m surrounded by sweet wonderful people.
I always speak in a way people understand.
I accept challenges and transform them into victories.
I always progress emotionally in the right direction.
All Heaven is about to break loose.
Today I enable myself to take charge of my life.
It’s okay to have the time of my life today.
My life is filled with breath generatingly beautiful things.
It’s okay to count on myself I always come through.
My life is delicious and I’m savoring every mouthful.
I’ve found my place on the face of the Earth.
I now move on to the next phase of my life.
I’m calling the shots in my life now.
I choose to be free of living in isolation.
I’m clear on my life objectives.
It’s okay to act and be confident about what I do.
I ignore the impulse to shut down my feelings.
I’m able to mind my own business today.
I’m through with putting people into roles.
I’m done thinking I know exactly what others feel.
I choose to give up all defensiveness.
I now give up the idea of needing punishment.
I choose to give up the idea of needing to punish others.
Punishment is very over-rated so I’m through with it.
Guilt is very over-rated and I release that notion now.
I choose to allow everything in my life to work out well.
Feeling strange every once in a while is all right.
Today is an extraordinary day.
I have an extreme case of good humor today.
I show my TRUE self to the world today.
I behave in a fair manner in business dealings.
I get off the fence today and make a decision.
I’ve now given up all desire to be involved in a fight.
Verbal and physical fighting is a part of my past.
I find a way to make everything turn out alright.
I let harsh words go in one ear and out the other.
I speak my truth today as my truth is important.
I have the confidence it takes to speak with assurance.
Support comes from unexpected sources today.
It’s okay to rely on my survival skills today.
I change my speaking today to reflect the new me.
Today I choose words carefully and consciously.
Endings are beginnings… always.
This is the best time of my life so far.
This is the best day of my life so far.
I sense a change of heart within my so-called enemies.
I discover my highest reason for living today.
I choose the right times to speak and to be quiet today.
I’m through with proving to the world how tough I am.
I’m complete just as I am.
I let down emotional walls of resistance today.
I’m free from raising my voice to others today.
It’s okay for me to be president of my own fan club.
I’m free from any notion of being involved in disasters.
Today I have a million reasons to be smiling.
I have great confidence in my future.
I’ve decided to cease from worry thoughts now.
I take away the negative charge to any word or action.
I take good care of myself and my family.
Everything’s going to be okay.
This fascinating moment is all there is and that’s okay.
Change happens as quickly as I allow it.
All the surprises in my life are positive and wonderful.
Soaring feelings of triumph makes my work worthwhile.
I reach out and touch the hand of opportunity today.
I walk arm in arm with my destiny now and always.
Self-confidence is part of what makes me so attractive.
Defenseless is the only way to be.
I reach deep inside myself today for the answers.
I’m extremely dedicated to the task at hand.
I respect all points of view even if different from mine.
It’s okay when good news happens suddenly.
Everyone has the capacity for positive change.
I choose to change for the better today.
I mentally flush negativity from my system today.
I’m always moving forward.
I’m full of self-confidence and assurance today.
I’m generous and enjoy giving to friends and strangers.
I quickly bounce back when negative thoughts come.
I choose right now to remain free from doubt.
I have my own style and I like it.
I’m free from being a prisoner to fashion.
I give away some smiles today.
When I sing my spirits rise.
I’m standing tall because of who I am.
I’m always willing to try new things.
When the doors of opportunity open I step through.
Life’s challenges are opportunities.
I look for good in potentially bad situations.
I’m always able to come up with new fresh ideas.
I’m living wisely today to enjoy my tomorrows.
I count my blessings many times each day.
There’s good in everyone and I find it regardless.
I feel serene as I take deep breaths and relax.
I respect the views of others.
Today I’m learning by listening.
I’m seeing exciting happenings in my life.
The warmth of the sunshine is healing to my body.
I believe smiles are contagious.
When life throws me a curve I bend into it.
How I live today determines my tomorrows.
I choose to follow my words with actions today.
I am now more sensitive to the feelings of others.
I have integrity and credibility.
I believe there’s a reason for my existence.
My life is affecting many people in a positive way.
My life is an example to others.
I’m exhilarated by the beauty of all the seasons.
I’m learning to listen with my heart.
As I complete a task I feel satisfaction.
There’s more to life than what’s visual to me.
A soothing melody rings in my heart.
I’m free from being overwhelmed by demands of life.
I overcome all adversities.
Possibilities have become my realities.
I’m now moving into the beautiful part of my lifetime.
I grow more beautiful and loving each day.
I’m now ready to restore myself to beauty.
I grow healthier each moment of each day.
I now do what brings me bliss.
I am blissfully beautiful inside and out.
I see the TRUE beauty in all things.
It’s beautiful to be wealthy healthy and joyful.
I share my bounty with others.
I love humanity.
I see the beauty in humanity.
I unfurl my brow and relax my face muscles.
I let things happen at their appointed times today.
Ultimately I believe life is really cool.
I’m free from feeling danger lurking around corners.
It’s okay to have thoughts that I quickly discard.
Taking good care of myself is a good idea.
Everything happens in perfect synchronicity.
I put my mind in neutral many times today to rest.
I’m in total harmony with everything around me.
I’m in total harmony with everything within me.
I’ve given up the need and the desire to judge.
I choose to be free from ever being scolded again.
I reprogram my mind to think positive thoughts.
I choose to see the humor in all areas of my life.
I’m able to handle confrontations much better now.
I believe I’m able to achieve anything.
I choose to create positive thoughts.
I know that I’m heading toward my abundance.
When I test my survival skills I always come out on top.
I allow the trouble thoughts of today to now float away.
Today it’s okay to let myself get carried away.
I always ask really good questions.
I remember that I have a second wind.
I choose to accept my second wind now.
I choose to have a good time in my life today.
I am equipped to handle anything that comes up.
I take full responsibility for my feelings and actions.
I can always keep my sense of humor.
I have unique valuable qualities.
I trust what I feel in my heart.
It’s okay to do something because it feels right.
I embrace and breathe into my emotions today.
Today I choose to have a good belly laugh.
Speaking my truth is a gift.
All my encounters today are win/win situations.
It’s okay for me to agree to disagree.
I’ve decided to discard all emotional masks today.
I’ve decided to be totally myself today.
It’s okay to openly share my opinions with others.
Today I choose to just “get over it”.
Today I choose to remember I’m the creator of my life.
I now choose to experience the here and now.
Today I choose to be fully in the present moment.
I am now free from worrying about other people.
I’m now free from having other people worry about me.
I have confidence in my coping abilities.
I take responsibility for the consequences of my actions.
I choose my own experiences and learn from them all.
I trust myself to handle the outcome of every situation.
I’m now free from spurting out old rhetoric.
I’m now free from anger and depression.
I believe that I have to believe it to see it.
My gut feelings are more reliable than my eyesight.
I now change the mistaken belief that I deserve misery.
Today I dance to the music that makes my heart sing.
I choose to find time to relax today.
I have chosen to be free from me-bashing today.
Today I choose to be free of self-induced suffering.
I’m now free from creating storms in my life.
I choose to speak my truth in a kind yet firm manner.
Today I choose how to release my feelings.
I choose to be emotionally in balance today and always.
I retain my personal power when I extend love to others.
I’m consciously choosing to embrace and release anger.
Today I choose to quiet my soul.
Today I give myself a good conduct medal.
I’m free from playing hide and seek with my emotions.
I choose to be free from letting my life stand still.
I choose to be free from all problems today.
I keep my nose out of people’s business.
Life is full of amazingly wonderful surprises.
I’m the most important thing that’s ever happened to me.
I’m always able to take care of myself.
I’m back in the magic again.
I’m always proud of myself.
It’s okay to do things a different way today.
It’s okay to turn my negative thoughts into positive ones.
I allow my mind to explore the TRUE depths of who I am.
Today I choose to gain insights into my mind.
I discover why I think and feel as I do on certain issues.
I’m beginning a new exciting path of self-discovery.
It’s okay to have questions without immediate answers.
I ignore the opinion of what society thinks I should do.
Today I really pay attention to my thoughts.
I always choose carefully the words to speak.
I use affirmations when confronted with tough issues.
I experiment have fun and change my life to the good.
I think speak write and communicate positively now.
I remember there is a never-ending supply of ideas.
It’s okay today to share my gutsy insights.
I find new ways of how and when to release my anger.
I choose to live a wealthy existence.
I’m strong and healthy in mind body and spirit.
Today I choose to avoid interrupting people.
Today I choose to monitor the tone of my voice.
Today I choose to state my positive intent.
Today I choose to use positive messages when I speak.
Today I choose to listen to understand.
I choose now to give people the benefit of the doubt.
It’s through new attitudes that I create new results.
The outcome of my life reflects my positive attitude.
I choose to notice my present blessings.
I always choose to make my attitude a good one.
I look inside for reasons why I feel nervous.
Being nervous or calm is a choice I make.
Today I choose to achieve the impossible.
My attitude propels me toward my achievements.
In doing my best I make a difference to the world.
Today I choose to do what people say I cannot do.
It’s okay to feel that I’m good at what I do.
I am unique and will compare myself to no one.
Every experience in life is a lesson.
I take the word “failure” out of my vocabulary.
I am the star of the movie of my life.
I choose to see my life drama and release it.
I choose to set my sights very high.
I have the ability today to cooperate with others easily.
I recognize and appreciate my own uniqueness.
Believing in my perfect goodness IS being humble.
I can handle all changes that rapidly occur in my life.
I choose now to be free from taking offense.
I choose now to depend on forces inside myself.
I now look for the best in all living things.
I know my spiritual mental and physical needs are met.
I am this present moment becoming a better person.
The world deserves to hear my great ideas.
I now choose to believe that I am worthwhile.
Everything happens in its good time.
It’s my time for prosperity now.
Once I set my mind to something I consider it done.
I am free from creating any of my own problems today.
I quiet my mind and let it truly absorb positive energy.
Creativity happens in the present tense.
Today I replace worry with exhilaration.
I send kind and loving thoughts to anything negative.
I make a positive difference in the lives around me.
It’s okay to make mistakes; I give up any feelings of guilt.
I choose to flamboyantly change my attitude and my life.
I am thankful for what I have and for what I don’t have.
Changing my internal world changes my external world.
I have the potential to be anything I want to be.
I’m now free from believing in scarcity.
I have the courage to live the life I’ve always imagined.
I am free from buying into other people’s views of me.
I have everything I need to experience life to the fullest.
I have many power surges which I accept today.
My life is a flower opening in its own sweet time.
Today I choose to let my emotions flow freely.
Today I choose to do what I can… and I can do anything.
We’re all dealt winning cards; I choose to play mine.
I’m now free from searching for scapegoats.
I’m grateful for my existence and I give it all I’ve got.
I take care of myself physically mentally and spiritually.
I find time to let my Inner Child out to play today.
I am more powerful than my anger.
It’s okay to tell someone that they hurt me.
It’s okay to tell someone I’m sorry that I hurt them.
It’s okay to ask for what I want.
It’s okay to ask for help when I feel I need it.
I see past other people’s anger to their TRUE feelings.
When I feel tears behind my eyelids I let them out.
I see all my endings as positive experiences.
Finding time to be alone is an ability I now possess.
I expect the best from everyone today and I get it.
I visualize people giving me a standing ovation.
I do much with what I’m given.
I remove any mental blocks that are holding me back.
It’s okay to remove profanity from my vocabulary.
I pray for emotional well-being for us all.
God bless us all as one.
Being anonymous gives me freedom.
I now fulfill my life’s passions.
I find comfort whenever and wherever I need it today.
I choose to be impressed with myself today.
Life is a barrel of laughs; today I laugh a lot.
In my life I concentrate on what is meant to be.
It’s okay to calmly focus on my desired outcomes.
I have a heightened sense of well-being today.
I still believe in fairy tales with happy endings.
Beauty is in the eye of the positive-minded person.
I choose to show courtesy to everyone I meet today.
We are all worthy of respect I respect everyone today.
Today I choose to be free from being sarcastic.
I show how appreciative I am to all the people in my life.
I pay attention to the tone of my voice and keep it loving.
I work on and work through any misunderstandings.
I love all that life has to offer and all that I offer to life.
It’s okay for me to aspire to greatness.
I find time to spend part of this day in perfect stillness.
I seek variety in my life today to avoid boredom.
I find time today to be with my special someone.
I choose to give myself gentle understanding.
It’s okay to comfort my child within.
Today I choose to see everyone as if for the first time.
I choose to receive this moment as the gift that it is.
It’s okay to feel an old pain today and then let it go.
It’s okay to let go of old painful memories and feel relief.
Today I choose to relinquish my control over others.
I am free from clinging to others for emotional support.
It’s okay to rely on myself for support.
It’s okay to rely on God for support.
It’s fun to notice the things that are working well.
I choose a healthy attitude all day today.
I choose to see the humor in all circumstances today.
Today I find the solutions to my problems.
Today I deserve to find all of life’s solutions.
I choose today to give up all guilt.
Today I choose to slow down my pace just a bit.
It’s okay to rest even when things are in turmoil.
Today I make it clear to others what my boundaries are.
Today I take responsibility for reclaiming my power.
I remain open and flexible to my opinion of others.
I am proud of the women in my family.
I am proud of the men in my family.
I’m proud of myself…who I am and who I am becoming.
I express my talent and creativity in all I do today.
My most important choice is accepting guidance today.
I release myself from any poverty consciousness.
It’s easy for me to keep my eyes on the target.
It’s okay to weep and it’s okay to be done weeping.
Today I keep my chin up and my nose down.
I blow away trouble thoughts now with each breath.
I like that I make choices carefully yet quickly.
I am free of the desire to cause trouble for others.
I’m free from trying to run other people’s lives.
Giving makes me feel good.
Receiving makes me feel good.
I give as easily as I receive.
I receive as easily as I give.
I remember that anything I say may be repeated.
My memory gets better each day.
Being on time is one of my good traits.
The weather is just right today and every day.
I choose to give myself daily compliments.
Making big decisions is a rewarding experience.
I am a quick learner.
It’s okay when people think I’m wrong.
I keep my mouth closed about people’s faults.
One of my valuable traits is enthusiasm.
I have faith that we all may join in harmony.
Today I am wiser than yesterday.
I like to tell people how great they are so I do.
I am able to shrug off repeated disappointments.
Through tireless efforts I am realizing my potential.
The lives I’m touching today are touching others.
I love walking and listening to the birds sing.
I am choosing productive thoughts and actions.
How I interpret a situation determines how I react.
My mind is challenged because it’s always open.
Today I’m living tomorrow’s memories.
My greatest accomplishment is having loving children.
New thoughts are emerging because my mind is clear.
I’m making new paths around the roadblocks.
I’m growing smarter by associating with intelligent people.
As I’m sharing I’m also receiving blessings.
The more I use my talents the more talented I become.
For my survival I’m learning to cope.
The time I’m investing in my child is well spent.
I feel better after a good day’s work.
I feel better after a good day’s nap.
I give myself mental and physical hugs today.
I remember to drink my water and stretch today.
When I see beauty I accept my share.
I easily keep my vehicle within posted speed limits.
Whenever possible I take the stairs.
I have adequate energy and qualifications for any job.
I enjoy my work so much; it feels like I’m on vacation.
I ask my Inner Self for help with all of my decisions.
My sense of humor helps me during trying times.
Diversity keeps my life exciting.
I thank God that negative feelings are only temporary.
My life is filled with exciting surprises.
I’m renewing my interest in [insert hobby].
I take time to appreciate simple things.
Love is a requirement in my life.
In my circle of friends there’s always room for more.
My life is one brush stroke away from a masterpiece.
It’s okay if others go around me I’m still moving forward.
I show my kind heart through my kind words today.
I trust my judgment.
I stand firm in my positive convictions.
It’s okay to claim my abundance in the path of life.
My spouse and I bring out the best in each other.
Today I have a friend who listens.
I love myself at any and all ages.
This stage in life is an exciting time for me.
I reach out and discover excitement.
Excitement is accessible; it’s up to me to reach for it.
Watching doors open for me is exciting.
Seeing God’s handiwork in my life renews my faith.
My energy level is high so I’m accomplishing a lot.
It’s alright for me to rest on low energy days.
Stress limits my flexibility so I avoid stressful situations.
It’s my responsibility to take good care of me.
I’m always contributing to society.
I’m increasing my mobility with exercise.
I’m increasing my energy with exercise.
When I’m with exciting people my energy rises.
I have a happy heart that sends forth smiles.
I completely relax as I give God the controls.
I replace earthly negativity with enlightenment today.
Any insulting presence I choose now to ignore.
It’s okay to ignite the fire under my butt today.
I am and will always be very talented.
It’s okay to be peaceful and ambitious at the same time.
It’s okay to relax for a couple of hours in God’s arms.
It’s okay to ramble on every once in a while.
It’s good to hear myself talk.
I expose the core of my Being to the world.
I choose prosperity over poverty today and always.
I choose to relax and go to sleep.
It’s okay to give my children control sometimes.
I wake up in a world free of any illusion of separation.
I think I’m being followed… sure enough there’s God.
I am free of the illusion of a cruel fear-based God.
I now take any stigma off of being left-handed.
Being left-handed is part of what makes me unique.
I’m good boy howdy I’m really good.
Today is the start of something big.
I always finish what I start.
Getting older gracefully is an art that I posses.
I’m free from allowing distractions to bring me down.
Today I’ll be quick to praise and slow to find fault.
I speak kindly with all people.
I dwell on positives.
My faith gives me a strong foundation.
I stay calm during a crisis.
What seems like a crisis is a blessing in disguise.
Sometimes obstacles turn me in a better direction.
Some mountains of worry turn out to be little hills.
One key to accomplishment is desire.
An ingenious person makes possible that which isn’t.
Kind words are healing.
Everyone can use a hug.
My confidence grows with each success.
I succeed because I’m resilient.
I ask my body to completely relax and it does.
Tonight I allow the angels to massage my.
I give over all of the parts of my life to God.
I discover new passageways today on my path.
I continue with my work until God feels I am done.
I continue with my work until I feel I am done.
I choose to change my perception from stress to joy.
It’s okay to release the perception that I’m a sinner.
Every day we are all closer to living in a perfect world.
I let go of any thoughts of work as I drift off to sleep.
Compliments are like flowers I give out bouquets.
I’m always at the ready for God’s guidance and advice.
I allow God’s messages be relayed through me today.
I am and will always be a creature of light.
I accept miraculous events as a normal part of my day.
The parts that work in my life are those I give to God.
I am in continual communication with my Creator.
I’m grateful for what I’m willing to give to God.
I’m in a very enjoyable time in my Earth plane existence.
I choose to leave the fun in today.
I choose to get a good night’s sleep tonight.
It’s okay to ask my children for help they enjoy giving it.
I visualize my desired outcome and release it to God.
Today I look within to find the answers to my questions.
Today I choose to be daring and try new things.
Today I choose to be daring and try new thoughts.
It’s okay to see where I’ve been and where I am.
It’s exciting to see my life and I’ve released attachment.
The healing’s the thing.
I figure out new ways to motivate the Universe to love.
I accept my power and the responsibility with it.
I now see my beautiful life unfolding before my.
I easily stay connected to my divine energy source.
It’s okay to put my.
cents into a conversation.
Like a genie I can change reality in the blink of an eye.
Today I choose to question everything.
Today I choose to question nothing.
My genuine goodness is always a part of me.
I now refuse to allow germs to enter my body.
I continue to lose weight and gain knowledge.
I believe men and women are equally great drivers.
I’m now free from being a workaholic.
I’m able to keep a positive attitude even at work.
I’m now free from feeling put down by others.
I’m free from all addictions now.
Today I choose out of deceiving myself.
Today I choose to lose my rigidity in all situations.
How I treat myself determines how others treat me.
I know I can make positive changes.
Today I choose to release my fear.
It’s okay to be afraid while I’m doing a fearful task.
I love to feel completely relaxed so I indulge in it often.
I give my body over to complete relaxation.
I’m successful and valuable when doing work I love.
I’m successful and valuable when I’m breathing.
Seeing others as my equals is becoming easier.
At birth I’m given all the tools I need to succeed.
I find some meaning to my life today.
We are all miracles.
I choose to be inspired today.
I am fair and kind and generous.
I’m taken seriously in life no matter what I weigh.
God I accept your healing in this moment.
There’s a certain beauty in the ritual of folding clothes.
I choose now to reconnect with the moment.
Today I choose to follow my guides….. inward.
I have lots of energy at my fingertips today.
I pray that the ooze of hate be replaced by the river of love.
My soundest investment is my health.
I do myself a favor when I help someone else.
I give my full attention to the one who is speaking to me.
I am pleased with pictures of myself.
My ideas are worthless until I put them into action.
When I love what I’m doing it isn’t work.
I am able to undertake and complete any task.
Charm and courtesy are valued traits.
Good friends exchange unselfish deeds.
I am AT peace I am IN peace I am WITH peace.
What I admire in others is what I admire in me.
I choose what to hide or show to the world.
It’s possible to rest in peace and still be living.
My mind is so clear I can see through it.
An idea that will help humanity is coming to me now.
I share my sleep time with my Creator.
I’m thankful for the warm home I live in.
I pray for the homeless.
When I’m sick life goes on around me and that’s okay.
I am part of the great big world around me.
I’m now free from any ringing in my ears.
I’m now free from insomnia.
I have the patience of all the saints.
I notice all that I accomplish from my to do list.
I am a Princess my crown is made of light.
I love and forgive myself now today and always.
I continue my affirmation training throughout my life.

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