Mind Power

Mind Power


Each of us is equipped with the most powerful tool imaginable. A tool more powerful than the biggest and most powerful super computer on the planet.

This tool allows us to think. To memorise. And to imagine.

It has the ability to absorb information from our surroundings, process it and to extrapolate new unexperienced data from what it has already experienced.

In other words – it can learn. It can imagine new possibilities.

It is our most precious asset yet most people don’t even understand that the conscious mind and subconscious mind are two different things and the two don’t always want the same things or even work together.

It is your subconscious mind that contains the blueprint for how you act and behave in every day life.

Almost hard-wired into the brain from an early age or as a result of painful or unpleasant experiences these ‘instructions’ can result in ‘automatic’ thoughts that can conflict with what you consciously want.

Your subconscious mind can hold you back from realizing and fulfilling your full potential.

If you do not feel you deserve something, then you will not even TRY to get it.

You may be settling for something far less in life, simply because you feel that’s all you deserve.

The problem is that because this is so deeply buried within the mind you may not even know it is there until triggered by something in the outside world.

Often if you want to set about improving your life you will need first to deal with the underlying causes that are affecting your behavior and the ‘instruction’ set that your mind is operating under.

The best way to accomplish this is by by-passing the conscious mind which will often filter any attempts at interference and go straight to the subconscious part of the mind.

There are a number of way to achieve this but each will seek to by-pass the conscious mind and go direct to the subconscious.

Delivering new positive motivating statement ‘instructions’ directly to its deepest core, repeated often enough, will install new patterns in the subconscious.

Real mind power comes not only from being able to control what our mind absorbs, learning to filter the information and remove all the negative energies, but by using the inner power of the mind to create the will and the imagination to effect long lasting and permanent change in our thought patterns and behavors.

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