The Power Of Subliminals To Learn And Change

How To Change Your Inner Self Talk

Learning To Believe In Your SELF Again

Subliminals are used to bypass the conscious learning stage and send information directly to your subconscious mind enabling you to learn and absorb new information without you being consciously aware of it.

The moment you shift how you think about yourself you will begin to change.

I’m sure you’ve heard the idea that our thoughts somehow shape the reality that we experience and influence the world around us, to bring about negative circumstances or positive ones.

Almost all of us have tried proactively to think positively at one stage or another only to discover that we rarely see any improvement, benefits or results.

If all we need to do is to think positive thoughts we should be able to create a positive world almost overnight shouldn’t we?

Whilst that sounds great its not always the case and the reason this doesn’t usually work out is because we are tackling the issues consciously and not subconsciously.

Subliminals are a set of tools and programs I think will not only be of tremendous benefit but will literally allow you to experience your full potential and to ride the maximum pleasure out of life.

It takes a commitment, a conscious commitment to make positive change occur.

The old you will do whatever it can to try and prevent you from transforming yourself into a new you, it will try and formulate many reasons why it shouldn’t follow through and procrastinate.

It will try to tell you why you shouldn’t take advantage of these ideas and programs even if you know they will inevitably make you a better person.

The person you are right now is comfortable and will outright refuse to change or want to change even though you know you should.

That’s why changing is so hard and it’s also why positive thinking on the surface level always fails, millions and millions of people attend positive thinking seminars or buy books and tapes each year yet very few derive lasting benefits from them.

If you’ve ever attended any positive seminars or read some of these self-help books you are usually high from the motivational uplift for about two days then you return to your normal self and go back to being the old you again.

So what happened ?

It isn’t that the material isn’t valid or doesn’t work it does, it’s just that the material is fed through your conscious mind and the conscious mind is not the engine that powers your life but rather it is the subconscious portion of your mind from which your behavior and attitudes spring.

If you can enter the subconscious and rewire how you think about yourself you can begin to lay the foundation for your future and for permanent lasting change.

What we believe determines what we make true.

Our perceptions of reality and how we think of ourselves and the world around us we take to be true.

Once you change your belief we can alter our reality.

What we take to be true on a subconscious level becomes our reality, remember what we believe is based on our perception.

Expect to be lucky and you will be, it’s as simple as that.
We all learn consciously through repeated teachings, experience and or practice.

This is stored within our subconscious at an unconscious level.

That’s how we can drive to work without thinking about it. How we still know how to ride a bicycle after many years of not riding.

It even accounts for our beliefs about our self and about our self-confidence.

Subliminal reprogramming is able to bypass the conscious learning stage and send information directly to your subconscious mind.

When repeated enough times these subliminal messages penetrate our core belief systems and bring about rapid internal and natural shifts in our thoughts attitudes and behavior.

This is the reasoning behind many repeated adverts seen on television or heard on the radio.
Repeated listening to suggestions about something eventually breaks down the conscious mind’s ability to resist and repel contrary thought.
Over time and with constant exposure small shifts in thought can become great movements and also become permanent changes in thought.

Subliminal message albums are a way to take back control of what you wish to think either about yourself or about your world.
Listening to targeted focused positive statements concerning your area of personal growth choice can bring about effective change.
Subliminal audio can improve many areas of your life where you wish to bring about deep internal changes that positively empower and enlighten.
NLP & Affirmations

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is the study of successful internal language patterns. The kinds of things successful people say to themselves. The self-talk or internal dialogue that is present when someone is a success. By mirroring this approach and isolating the exact language patterns required for success you are implanting the core internal language patterns needed for that success.

For example, if a person has their inner voice telling them “I can’t do this” this will be replaced by the internal dialogue of a proven successful person who might say “I can do anything I put my mind to”

This small change alone can bring about massive synergistic results in a person’s life.

Just one simple statement such as this can have a profound effect on their overall outlook attitude and ultimately the results they obtain in life.

Positive affirmations are statements which affirm something is true BEFORE it is actually true.

When repeated enough times the statement becomes embedded and stored in the mind in such a way as to be tantamount to a change in belief.

Influencing your personality and altering your behavior.

For example, saying to yourself “I am confident” will after a time become an embedded belief and you WILL act and be more confident.

The problem with affirmations is they need to be repeated every day as many times as you can manage.
This can become tedious and often people are apt to forget.

Subliminal suggestions in the form of positive messages are the same as affirmations except we have done the work for you and instead of you having to repeat them they are broadcast subliminally so you are not distracted and are not aware of them.

This allows you to go about your everyday activities and save time. No more standing in front of the mirror, you can work, study, exercise and even sleep sure in the knowledge you are getting your daily dose of positive re-programming.

Change your life today not tomorrow and start making changes in your life right now.